An Update!


Boomers = 75+ Mods, 300+ Tracks, Infinite amount of cars and car sets and templates. Various programs built such as Carviewer, Replay Analyzer, Gauge Needle Relocater, Winmip, Makedat. Well over $100,000 invested in the NR2003 hobby between websites and hosting plans, server costs for race leagues, donations to each other etc..I could go on and on about things created and money invested from Boomers, but I think you get the point by now.

The woke "Cool Kids" = 0 Mods, 0 Tracks (scratch built kids, not downloading Boomers tracks, editing it, and saying look what I made), the shittiest cars and car sets ever created. Don't even get me started on the templates. And FreeCam. Basically you guys need to kiss Tyler's ass for FreeCam, or you dip shits would have ZERO'S across the board.

But hey! You kiddo's keep on tweeting out your paintjobs to your favorite Nascar drivers. It's doing sooooooooooooo much to help advance NR2003 into the next few years. Btw, keep them compliments coming! It's very motivational to keep throwing out stats and facts. How do you kiddo's say? FACTS!

We're Closed!


Dear NR2003 Community,

I loathe you. No really, I do. I know you think you know, and you think you know the level in which I loathe you because of your dislike for me, but you don’t have a clue as to just how much disgust I have. But, I think you will by the time you're done reading this :) Anyone who’s actually put in the time to support the NR2003 community, such as making tracks, making mods and other things to keep this sim of ours up to date, you can stop reading now. This isn’t about you. You’re the 1% I’ll be referring to in this goodbye speech.

So, this is it. This is my final F.U to the preteen and teenagers using your mom and dad’s hand me down laptops without a graphics card in it. You know, those laptops you make your shitty crash compilations with. Those laptops you keep going to anyone that will listen asking why your graphics suck, and NR2003 doesn’t look good after being told over and over that you need a graphics card to use this sim. It’s not so much you momo’s insist on asking and hoping for a different answer, it’s…… well, yeah, that’s it. Even in the year 2021, you guys can’t figure that simple fact out that all of us who started with this sim figured out in 1995. And you still refuse to listen. You still refuse to do the basics such as doing a Google search and searching forums. It’s incredible how dumb, lazy, incompetent and incapable a lot of you are to do those basic steps prior to asking that question thousands of people before you asked for the past 20 years.

This is also my final F.U to all you self-righteous SJW’s and wannabe’s on twitter begging drivers, owners and sponsors to please use your paint job so you can see it on TV. You know, that paint job where you used the NR2003 community’s templates, numbers, logo’s, models, and 3d render scenes to show those drivers, teams and sponsors. Those little items you never give us credit for. And to take it a step further, those little items you are trying to make money off of and get some sort of name recognition. You’re so woke! In your wokeness I guess you forgot to not bite the hand that feeds you. Maybe your wokeness can whip up those vector numbers and logos and templates you’ve been using from me, and everyone else providing you with all your kit cars you’ve been putting together. Maybe your wokeness can pay (for once in your cheap ass life) for a website to share all that stuff for a change.

By the way, do any of you actually know how to make something from scratch anymore? I got news for you “designers”, grabbing my template or anyone else’s, then going to get numbers from Nick at BER, and your base from RAH’s, that doesn’t constitute you making jack shit. You just put together a 5 minute kit car. You want to give back to the community? It's laughable to think you actually would give back to the community, I digress. Start with a blank layer, and get to steppin’ with that pen tool in Photoshop and make something. But any of us who have been in this gig long enough knows, 99% of you who “paint cars” don’t have a clue how to make something from scratch. Every Facebook and Discord NR2003 group I’ve ever been in, is the same thing. It’s people asking where to download this number, this logo, this template. Even you so called "pro's" aren't fooling anyone. I see your download logs at SRD. I see what you're downloading, then by some miracle, it appears on your twitter feed tweeting "look what I made". Frauds..... Just a bunch of mooches. You’re Pathetic. That’s right, with a capital fucking “P”!

And don’t think I forgot about you useless pricks stealing our work and then turning our work into decals for people to buy for their custom diecast cars. Yeah, I’m talking about you useless lazy fucks like Patto, aka Patto’s place. This is my big fuck you to you too, and to the worthless fucks like you. That’s right custom diecast car makers, you can kiss my ass. Find somewhere else to “make” your decals.

Last but not least, a little positivity. Woah! I know right! I am capable of saying something positive! Thank you to the present and past SRD paint crew members. Your contributions have left a legacy for almost 20 years. It blows me away at your dedication to your craft. You've been an inspiration to so many people, including myself. It saddens me to see just how unappreciative the community is of your work. Out of the thousands and thousands of downloads, I can count on one hand how many thank you's you guys get.

Also, a huge thank you to the 1%. You know who you are. The guys at Project Short Tracks, Ground Pounder Designs, the fellas from BBMC, Denis and co. from DMR, Cosmin from Splash n Go, the guys from BER, and the guys from The Bullring. The “boomers” like Bill, Wayne, JR, Ian, Danny, Matthias, Jack, you guys are what made the NR2003 community what it is. Thank you so much for making my NR2003 hobby enjoyable. And helping me understand what it took to contribute to our hobby. There's so many more that have come and gone during the peak of Nascar Racing sims, if I missed anyone, I apologize. I wish there were more of us Boomers left and so much less infestation of the 9 year olds all the way up to the 19 and 20 year olds that absolutely ruined the NR2003 community. You guys are by far, the worst period, generation, period, ever, period.

So that’s it. SRD is no more. It was a good run. But someone else can start paying the money and the spare time to keep NR2003 afloat. Good luck with that Stunods,lol. Wish you all the best. I’d consider changing your hosting plan, I imagine you’re going to get a serious influx of activity, and it doesn’t come cheap. So careful what ya wish for!

With the warmest regards.....