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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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NXS20 Mustang Template 2048 x 2048 Update MattyO
Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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NXS Mod Cts Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cts Physics
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NXS Mod Cup Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cup Physics
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SRD NXS20 Blender Scene Burnout
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  1. DanAsher26

    F1 2020

    The only thing that really bothers me about MyTeam is the progression in car performance. I spent all of 2020 riding around 16th or so, with a couple points finishes on strategy, being pretty level with Haas in terms of car performance. Go through the offseason, get to 2021, and we're on par...
  2. DanAsher26

    Why Modders Quit Modding.

    >Man who works on Xfinity cars for a living makes comments about an Xfinity models inaccuracies >Post in a public forum calling him out for it Makes sense. Out of all the names that were thrown out in that thread, only two of them are saying anything that's excessive. So if you're talking...
  3. DanAsher26

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    He's not returning to the team.
  4. DanAsher26

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    More like Wayne Peterson ARCA teams.
  5. DanAsher26

    Your Random Thought

    Started out with 00 for David Reutimann, then switched to 26 cause I loved Marco Andretti's Venom Energy car and number style. It's stuck since. Lately have ran 89 to honor a cousin that passed away at the start of the year.
  6. DanAsher26

    NASCAR Heat 4

    Big oof.
  7. DanAsher26

    SRD Offline League Silly Season Thread V2.0

    Asher Racing will not be returning.
  8. DanAsher26

    SRD IndyCar 2018: Driver Signups

    Name: Daniel Asher Number: 26 Sponsors (2 primaries and 1 one off): Big Tine
  9. DanAsher26

    SRD IndyCar Silly Season Thread

    [insert "dan's unretiring again" joke here]
  10. DanAsher26

    Your Random Thought

    Just lost interest in sim racing for awhile. Didn't boot up NR03 for months but recently have been getting slightly back into it. But also just haven't had the time. I got a good paying job, moved out, and have been enjoying life more.
  11. DanAsher26

    SRD IndyCar Silly Season Thread

    I don't have the time nor the need to type up anything fancy for this, but Asher Racing is done in Indycar also. If one of my drivers want to rebrand the team they're more than welcome.
  12. DanAsher26

    DanAsher26's Showroom

    Joining REvolution Motorsports for the rest of my USORL Cup races, where I look to dab on all the doubters. Render by @NascarMan32
  13. DanAsher26

    Design the Worst Paint Scheme

    This wins. Easy. Thread over, dudes.
  14. DanAsher26

    ARCA Carsets by BryceO/ARCA Racing Mod

    Decided to keep this thread going instead of making a new one. Bryce is back at it, the Daytona carset for this year is done and released! DOWNLOAD: To keep track of Bryce's progress in future sets, you can follow the ARCA...
  15. DanAsher26

    2018 Speedweeks at Daytona International Speedway Race Week(s) Discussion

    Considering NASCAR itself had a talk with him over it and much of the garage is pissed at him according to some crew members/driver comments...yeah. And I'm sure you'd be just as pissed if you worked in that garage. If Denny wants to go on a podcast and say stupid shit then he's gonna get...