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Mar 22, 2020
May 9, 2012
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Mar 22, 2020
    1. Lazzrd
      Hello, how do I download your 2013 cup cars that do not have a link? For example the Gonzalez JR one?
    2. mattredd
      Hello I'm a big fan of your work. I was wondering if there was any way I could download all the 2013 Gen 6 cars that are on your weebly site.
      1. games123
        I don't have them any more.
        Dec 31, 2017
    3. Andy22
      Stopping by just to tell you I love your NXS17 car sets. They're a great addition. Thank you for your work.
      1. games123 likes this.
    4. games123
      Anderson's Maple Syrup tends to stick to a lot of things.
      1. nj9703
        Paging Adam Douglas. Lol.
        Feb 10, 2017
        games123 likes this.
    5. Junebugrocks88
      I was thrilled when you released the extra truck pack, which included some truck I couldn't find. Would you mind making a few more of the Eldora trucks, like Friesen's 16 and Shipley's 80? If you can, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
      1. Tetronix
        Not to sound like a dick, but please, let him make what he wants.

        I hate saying this, and can't stress it enough, but sometimes others need to "pick up the paint brush", and contribute.

        If he has time, then he will do some requests. Painting for NR2003 isn't a full time job, and he does what he can for all of us, and we can't take that for granted.
        Oct 2, 2016
      2. Junebugrocks88
        Well yeah, I mean no pressure or anything and I hope the question didn't come off that way; just figured I would ask.
        Oct 2, 2016
    6. JKB#7
      Any chance i could get the GMS 24 truck cont and assc. sponsors from you im making a dc solar truck. thanks
    7. games123
      J(ust) G(reat) R(acers)
      1. BarclaysR7 and themau888 like this.
    8. ShadowKnight508
      To answer your question, that template that the #4 Xfinity team used on their latest scheme is the old Chevy Monte Carlo body that was used from 2000-2002 (prior to the 2003 redesign).
      1. games123 likes this.
    9. Alexandre Janovszky
      Alexandre Janovszky
      Hello :) Do you have an approximate date for the release of the 2016 Xfinity Car set ? I really appreciate your hard work ... Continue like this ;)
      1. games123
        I'm hoping this weekend.
        Apr 20, 2016
    10. themau888
      Great job you are doing so far!! I apreciate all the hard work you had done with this cars for 2016, hope we can get soon the 2016 Xfinity Carset, waiting ansious for that :D
      1. games123 likes this.
    11. XxTeam48LowesXx
      Any idea when the Korbin Forrister truck will be released. Trying to find it for a project. :)
      1. games123
        Hopefully I will release the set tonight. Only thing is the Lagasse logo, but I am just going to make it.
        Mar 10, 2016
    12. at01
      2016 chevy silverado templates
      1. games123
        Mar 9, 2016
    13. markjeff531
      Hey man, I had a quick question. I saw you used weebly for your website. on the home page, how did you get that little box at the bottom of the page, saying how much views you've had on your website? its a little black box with green numbers
      1. games123
        It's html code. I'll tell you more later.
        Mar 8, 2016
        markjeff531 likes this.
    14. ninjatfp
      games is your website up ?
      1. games123
        Mar 4, 2016
    15. games123
      1. Tetronix likes this.
    16. games123
      #acceler18 #invincib18 #unbreakab18 #ach18ve #54ever
    17. games123
      Must be time for another Xfinity Charlotte Pink Carset!
      1. fioriniandre and AwesomeFork24 like this.
      2. fioriniandre
        Haha I like Charlotte when the walls are pink, looks cool! Same with Martinsville when the paint the curb Pink. It looks neat! :)
        Oct 7, 2015
        games123 likes this.
      3. InsideLine
        Yes!!! Thank you for all the great cars that you do and share!
        Oct 11, 2015
    18. games123
      So many Xfinity cars have different numbers on their throwback Darlington cars!
    19. ExNascarJoe
      Hey games I downloaded all your Fast Five Sets,however those didn't come with the .lst files that came with each race one. Do you think if you get the chance can upload the .lst files from the races? Thanks
      1. games123 likes this.
      2. games123
        I delete them after I upload them because I just use all the races mixed together. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
        Aug 31, 2015
        ExNascarJoe likes this.
    20. markjeff531
      hey games, just wondering. how come, you're not releasing the 2015 trucks you've painted so far? are you waiting to paint all of them and then post the release or what?
      1. games123
        I was thinking about at 50.
        Aug 15, 2015
      2. markjeff531
        alright. I counted how many you've posted so far. looks like you need 10 more to have 50
        Aug 15, 2015
      3. games123
        Aug 15, 2015
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