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Recent content by kiboy04

  1. kiboy04

    SRD [NXS17] Cole Custer #00 v1.0

    Hello fellow nr2003 drivers! Due to the fact that there is no NXS17 category for me to post this in, I decided to post the scheme here. Therefore, this is obviously for the NXS17 mod, not the NXS15 mod. Once the sub-category is posted, this post will be removed and moved to the sub-category...
  2. kiboy04

    SRD 2016 Paint Crew Preview Thread

    How in the world did you paint that?! I've never seen that car painted before. Sorry if I'm being greedy but, can you send me a download link to that car?
  3. kiboy04

    Ryan Reed to make #99 Talladega Start?!

    Ahem, WHAT?! [[ CREDIT TO FOXSPORTS.COM AND @CHASE_WILHELM ]] Roush Fenway Racing driver Ryan Reed will attempt to make his Sprint Cup Series debut at Talladega Superspeedway in the Alabama 500 on Oct. 23. It will also mark the return of the No. 99 in Sprint Cup competition, which was last...
  4. kiboy04

    Roush Fenway #6 Number set 1.0

    This is my first ever number set i've ever made. I'm sorry if it doesn't look as great!
  5. kiboy04

    SRD #48 Brennan Poole DC Solar Talladega [NXS15] 2016-08-22

    #48 Brennan Poole DC Solar [NXS15] Scheme. First ever scheme i've made.
  6. kiboy04

    NASCAR Chase Logos

    No, sadly i do not anymore. I made this a long time ago and deleted the PSD for it :(
  7. kiboy04

    NASCAR Chase Logos

    I've been waiting to post these for people out there. Since there has been no chase logos out there for NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, I've decided to post a couple of my own that I made. I've removed the dates on them because i couldn't find any number font that...
  8. kiboy04

    Just a normal User.

    Just a normal User.
  9. kiboy04

    Anybody have the image downloaded that Jeeble created for Joe Gibbs racing?

    Sorry im new to this site LOL. Where do i find the font?
  10. kiboy04

    2015 Truck Template?

    Anyone have 2015 truck templates?
  11. kiboy04

    GEICO 500 at Talladega Weekend Discussion

    Pretty mad that everyone stayed single file until 2TG.