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2006 Bank Of America Decal CuddlerGrouch
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J.J. Yeley #52 Pack Harry Nurpplez
All cars that Yeley ran for JMR early in the 2020 season
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42 - Clover Camaro - MART2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. rx4victory

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    If its just a word, why don't you spell it out when you mean to use it? Are you afraid of the word? or the repercussions of it?
  2. rx4victory

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    NR2003 has never been broadcasted on national TV so you can go ahead and stop reaching for that one. Bottom line is, Blue Emu entered into some sort of contractual agreement with RPM and paid whatever it was to be on the virtual car that weekend. They're free to pull that sponsorship if they...
  3. rx4victory

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    Doesn't even have to be a series, when these guys sign their contracts with sponsors and with NASCAR they are agreeing to the Code of Conduct that applies to them on and off the track. Its clearly stated in the rules. Its not hard to be an upstanding person and not use racial slurs.
  4. rx4victory base?

    Has anyone made an base yet?
  5. rx4victory

    2008 Gen4 Camry headlights

    Does anyone know where i can find some hi res '08 gen4 Camry headlights? Thank you in advance!
  6. rx4victory

    SRD Pick'em 2011 - Samsung Mobile 500 at Texas

    Cup top 5 1. Carl Edwards 2. Kyle Busch 3. Paul Menard 4. Jimmie Johnson 5. David Ragan
  7. rx4victory

    NTG 2011 Reviews

    Reading all of this has basically turned me off of the game, i'll stick with forza and NFS Shift 2.
  8. rx4victory

    SRD Pick'em 2011 - Goody's Fast Relief 500 at Martinsville

    Cup Pole: Jeff Gordon Truck Winner: Kyle Busch Cup Top 5: 1. Jimmie Johnson 2. Kasey kahne 3. Denny Hamlin 4. Jeff Gordon 5. Kyle busch
  9. rx4victory

    Team Car Captain Morgan BR2011 Impala

    Too fitting for my night last night haha
  10. rx4victory

    SRD Pick'em 2011 - Auto Club 400 at California

    This makes watching races so much more interesting. I'm having a lot of fun!
  11. rx4victory

    SRD Pick'em 2011 - Auto Club 400 at California

    Nationwide: Kevin Harvick Cup Top 5: 1. Denny Hamlin 2. Kyle Busch 3. Juan Montoya 4. Jimmie Johnson 5. Paul Menard
  12. rx4victory

    Jennifer Jo Cobb Quits!

    You sure about that? Anywho, good for Jen. That owner must be a real cheap ass if he cant afford tires or a crew. might as well give up as a race team dude.
  13. rx4victory

    KEVIN HARVICK'S 2002 goodwrench br2011

    aside from the mistakes, nice job. I love harvick's schemes.
  14. rx4victory

    SRD Pick'em 2011 - Jeff Byrd 500 at Bristol

    Nationwide: Kevin Harvick Cup: 1. Kyle Busch 2. Carl Edwards 3. Tony Stewart 4. Jeff Gordon 5. Greg Biffle