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  1. starsxxx

    Milano's Soundpacks

    I don't know much about how the NR2003 sound works, but it sounds close, but its really treble and middle heavy. Could use more of the lower bass frequencies and less middle. That should really bring the sounds to life.
  2. starsxxx

    Nascar Racing 2003 game

    Some searching around the forums and internet is great find out the answers to your question. Setting the game up is everywhere on NR2003 forum websites.
  3. starsxxx

    Physics Editor Questions and Problems

    The Tester EXE is not an installer. That is the application you use to write the Excel CSV files into the game EXE. To edit the CSV files, you need to open it in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. I would use OpenOffice since it is free while you have to buy Excel. To fix MSCOMCTL OCX error, you...
  4. starsxxx

    Some cars don't qualify

    Heh they probably got caught cheating during inspection, so they didn't make it in time to qualify :D
  5. starsxxx

    Unusual Computer Crashing Problem

    So it has been going on for a while now. My computer will freeze, crash, and reboot after a certain amount of time on track especially in a full field race. Essentially the more cars or rendered objects, the quicker the crashing happen. I am not quite sure what is causing this since this never...
  6. starsxxx

    ReShade Discussion

    You may have to adjust the strength and intensity of them in the reshade configuration mode
  7. starsxxx

    ReShade Discussion

    There is a graphic option in reshade called FXAA and SMAA. That basically is your Anti-Aliasing and smooths those edges.
  8. starsxxx

    AI Running middle of straightaway

    Matt is correct. I always had a problem at the plate tracks of the cars not being as bunched in a pack like they use to. They always start out 2 wide and get 3 wide for half a lap, then they start to string out and get single file for the whole race. No matter how close I made the drafting...
  9. starsxxx

    AI hitting the Nitrous Button

    I've had that happen to me in practice at Talladega 2015. I was messing and crashing around like usual, Jimmie Johnson got wreck, but then once he merged onto the back after he reset he hit the push to pass and gone 40 mph faster than everyone else. Weirdo_O
  10. starsxxx

    Looking to get a pc for NR and iRacing I'll consider building one and if I could get some opinions on the parts I've, would have issues putting this together, would this work? This is my first time building by the way.
  11. starsxxx

    Getting more speed out of truck at Talladega

    Drop the rear end as close it can get without scraping the track too much in the turns.
  12. starsxxx

    Looking to get a pc for NR and iRacing

    Hi I am not sure if I am at the right section to post this, but I am looking into buying a computer for these games. I first started looking into building my own computer, but like always I don't trust myself in building and buying compatible parts. If building is going to be the case, then I...
  13. starsxxx

    Getting more speed out of truck at Talladega

    Its about getting that Spoiler out of the air ;-)
  14. starsxxx

    MEN Cup 2017 released by Splash & Go Graphics

    I was playing around in this mod yesterday and I thought that this was actually really awesome! I am in love with the damage model that come with it. I also really like the new roof flaps and the car bodies look spot on! I cannot wait until the full release of this mod. Keep up the awesome work!
  15. starsxxx

    Races with multiple flips in a wreck?

    So, it is a rare occurrence and they are tough to find. I've been mainly a NASCAR fan and watch that every week, so I once in a while watch other racing series. But it got me thinking in NR2003, flipping cars is extremely easy and I wonder what other races across all other racing series has...