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Recent content by XxCorbin9983xX

  1. XxCorbin9983xX

    Your random thought Part II

    Yes they are! I mean, Family Guy and shows like that are funny at times, but about 85% of the time it's crude humor. :P Which is why I watch a show called Bones. Kind of like all the NCIS and CSI shows. But when I was growing up, we had Hey Arnold, The Angry Beavers, Rocco's Modern Life, CatDog...
  2. XxCorbin9983xX

    I take my bow

    Oh, now that's just cold, HoosierDaddy! Haha. :)
  3. XxCorbin9983xX

    2011 - Michael Waltrip Racing/JTG-Daugherty Racing

    Great job Zaw! I love it. :)
  4. XxCorbin9983xX

    On this day 15 years ago...

    Happy b-day! Hope you have a good one. :)
  5. XxCorbin9983xX

    NTG 2011 Reviews

    Alright, I'll throw my hat into the mix. Look, guys, it's a console game, it's never going to be as good as a game like iRacing or NR2003. I see tons of comments, not necessarily here but in other places, comparing this game to those. It's wrong. I had a chance to play it last night. The Career...
  6. XxCorbin9983xX

    Lightning Quick!

    I love it Jason! Awesome job. :)
  7. XxCorbin9983xX

    SRD Pick'em 2011 - Auto Club 400 at California

    I think I'll just wait to see how the points pan out like you guys. Ahh, Stewart and Gordon messed up my day, other than that it was decent!
  8. XxCorbin9983xX

    #3 GM Goodwrench 76th/last win NO BULL

    Awesome job, DERacing. :)
  9. XxCorbin9983xX

    2011 Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway Weekend Discussion

    Well, I am by far not a Kyle Busch fan, but I'm glad he won today, because I picked him to win! And JPM got the pole. So far, so good. :)
  10. XxCorbin9983xX

    2011 Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway Weekend Discussion

    Wow, so JPM got the pole?! Well I'm doing great on the Pick 'Em so far then! :D and I hope he doesn't choke, he deserves to win some more.
  11. XxCorbin9983xX

    BR2011 team render request

    I'm digging the renders, Andy! And MillsLayne, you have very slick rides! Love them all! Great job. :)
  12. XxCorbin9983xX

    Playstation 3

    You guys can add me to this if you'd like, or you can add me. I will be playing this and I also play Black Ops. My PSN ID is XxCorbin9983xX :)
  13. XxCorbin9983xX

    ba ba bup ba ba THE JOY OF PEPSI!

    Look at that, Pepsi is representing! Very nice car. :)
  14. XxCorbin9983xX

    Exide Chevy

    I like it! The sponsors and the color go hand in hand with each other. Keep it up buddy! :)