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Car Set 1999 CART Series Carset for Indycar Racing Mod 2018-05-12

The 1999 FEDEX CART Championship Series for Indycar Racing Mod

  1. Jc2366
    The 1999 CART FEDEX Championship Series, including all the cars who raced in 1999 with Super Speedway and Road Course configuration, 94 in total. All the cars comes with pit crews and ratings.
    MOD: Indycar Racing by Smiffsden
    TEMPLATES: Smiffsden
    Numbers: ME,Big Evil Racing
    Logos: Google, Me
    PitCrews: Me NR2003 2018-05-12 14-53-56-971.jpg
    NR2003 2018-05-12 15-00-35-287.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Thunder98
    Version: 2018-05-12
    Fantastic work as always!