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Car Set 2015 HTC Series v1.01 2015-07-10

This version does not include winner stickers on any car.

  1. GurtonBuster
    First off credit where credit is due:
    Temps: SRD
    Bases: Me, NDG, Rogue, 4WD
    Logos: Masgrafx, Google, Me, RPD, MLD, Deadpool, KrispyKreme
    Numbers: Big Evil, Me, RPD, Masgrafx
    Conts: Drink_Soko, Alan Harkleroad, Me
    Renders: Scene from SRD, modified by me

    This is the first iteration of the 2015 HTC Series for SRD's NXS15 mod. I will probably upload another version once the season is over that way all the winners have their respective amount of winner stickers. In this version NO cars have winner stickers.

    Each car is rated and comes with it's own custom pit crew. Since NRatings went down for a while, I just used each car's speedway ratings for roadcourses because I had no road course data. These ratings have worked fairly well for me, but I won't say they're perfect.

    In total there are 71 cars. Each car was made using 2048x2048 templates and 512x512 pit crew templates. The set has not been compressed since it is not something that I know how to do, if you have issues related to this, let me know and I'll figure out how to compress it and release another version. Just unzip into your NXS15 cars folder. I have included a roster named 2015 HTC. Have fun racing! This set was a blast to create and I look forward to the 2016 season.

    This set, in whole or in part, is not to be reuploaded, redistributed, duplicated, editted, or hosted without the expressed permission of GurtonBuster from Sim Racing Design. Logos and other branding property of each respective company.