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Car Set 2015 PASS North Car Set

All of the cars and stars of the 2015 PASS North SLM Tour

  1. J.R.Franklin
    David "ScarfaceVt" Turner, Jr. has done it again folks and this could be his most ambitious car set ever!

    Here it is!...

    The 2015 PASS North Super Late Model car set for the LMPv2 mod and we couldn't be happier about hosting his latest collection of cars and stars of the PASS North once again.


    This year's edition of the PASS North car set is 57 cars strong featuring matching crews and accurate ratings for almost every PASS North SLM that has competed so far this season.

    Once again, Dave has captured all the intricate detailing on some of the best looking SLM's you'll see anywhere. So now you can get your PASS North season started with all of the hard charging racing action that the PASS North series is known for.

    Get the car set by clicking here: 2015 PASS North Car Set

    We'd once again like to thank Dave for taking the time to paint up all of these great schemes and helping to keep the NR2003 short track community alive and thriving! Be sure you give David a few "atta boys" when you download the set.


    If you don't already have the awesome LMPv2 Mod, you can find it posted at the following site:

    LMPv2 Mod (Scroll down the page to the "Other Mods and Carsets" Section. It's the 5th mod listed.)



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Recent Reviews

  1. frow78
    Fantastic cars, A BLAST TO RACE AGAINST
  2. Thunder98
    What can be said about David that hasn't been said already with his LMPv2 cars? Top of the line, and superior quality for such an awesome mod!
  3. MattyO
    The amount of research and work to do these cars is just flat out amazing! Wow, just wow!