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Car Set 2018 ARCA Carset Batch 1 2018-06-11

20 ARCA cars for the BR 2013 CTS Physics Mod

  1. Ben Althen
    20 Gen 6 cars to model after the composite bodies used in the ARCA Racing Series. All cars have pit crew and are rated.

    The Following cars are included:
    #2 Andrew Belmont - Daytona
    #3 Willie Mullins - Daytona
    #5 Bobby Gerhart
    #8 Chase Purdy - BER Number
    #9 Thomas Praytor - Daytona
    #15 Michael Self
    #18 Riley Herbst - BER Number
    #20 Leilani Munter
    #23 Brett Holmes
    #25 Natalie Decker
    #27 Travis Braden - BER Number
    #28 Sheldon Creed - BER Number
    #32 Gus Dean - Masgrafx Number
    #37 Kirk Horton - Daytona
    #38 Jerry De Weerdt - Daytona
    #41 Zane Smith - BER Number
    #46 John Ferrier - Daytona - Modified BER Number
    #54 Noah Gragson - BER Number
    #55 Tom Hessert - Daytona
    #78 Max Tullman - Daytona

    Most logos are from searching the web or made myself

    All cars are rated using NRatings. Special thanks to JR Franklin for the screen shots.


    1. NR2003ss002.jpg
    2. NR2003ss003.jpg
    3. NR2003ss005.jpg
    4. NR2003ss009.jpg
    5. NR2003ss012.jpg