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Car Set 2018 Riverhead Raceway Car Set 2019-06-18

The Ground Pounder Designs team presents the perfect compliment for the Riverhead Raceway Track!

  1. J.R.Franklin

    This extensive set for the NR2003 SiModified Whelen Mod features all of the following:

    · 26 total Modifieds representing 24 separate drivers and schemes that competed in the 2018 Riverhead Raceway NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Race Season, including...
    · 2018 Riverhead Modified Champion, Kyle Soper.
    · Authentic recreations of the real life 2018 Riverhead Raceway NASCAR All-American Series Modified paint schemes down to every meticulous detail.
    · Authentic matching pit crews.
    · Realistic 2018 year-end performance ratings on cars via the NRatings program using the MasGrafx GNS Full Season V3.1 formulas.

    Download here: www.nr2k3tracks.com/GPD/2018_Riverhead_Carset_GPD.rar

    Enjoy racing these incredible NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Modifieds of Riverhead Raceway.... the famous 1/4 mile bullring and only active speedway in the New York metropolitan area! And for the ultimate experience get the awesome new Riverhead Raceway tracks from PROJECT: Short tracks and see how you can fair against the best of these Riverhead "Saturday Night Warriors"!

    All from your friends at GPD... your "One Stop Shop" for Modifieds for NR2003!

    The Ground Pounder Designs Team:
    Ben Althen - GPD Painter
    Mike Ehresman - GPD Painter
    J.R. Franklin - Car Ratings and Set Coordination.

    Additional Credits:

    · Whelen Mod by SiModified. Get the mod here: www.nr2k3tracks.com/GPD/Whelen_Mod.rar
    · Contingency decals by Alan Harkleroad
    · Photo References: YankeeRacer.com, Facebook Mod Squad Radio Show, Jim Dupont Photos, Michael Jaworecki-MyRaceNews, Speed51.com, Ayers Racing Images, Brenda Jane Photography, Crystal Snape, and a host of others too numerous to list.

    Facebook Page: facebook.com/GroundPounderDesigns

Recent Reviews

  1. phantom17
    Version: 2019-06-18
    Outstanding work!