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Car Set 2019 K&N East Batch 1 2019-09-23

10 cars from the 2019 K&N Pro SErieS East Season

  1. Ben Althen
    Here is a batch of 10 cars from the 2018 K&N Pro Series East Season, rated with pit crews.

    Templates from Big Evil Racing, big thanks to them for all they do with their resources.

    1 Max McLaughlin - Mohawk Northeast Toyota - BER Number modified
    4 Chase Cabre - Honda Generators/Eibach Toyota
    6 Ruben Garcia - UTI/Max Siegel Inc Toyota
    15 Tanner Gray - Valvoline Toyota - BER Number
    18 Colin Garrett - Propel GPS/Racing for Heroes Chevrolet - BER Number
    21 Sam Mayer - Chevrolet Accessories Chevrolet - BER Number
    24 Mason Diaz - Solid Rock Carriers Ford
    30 Spencer Davis - Tower Sealants/JRi Shock Ford - BER Number
    54 Drew Dollar - SRI Performance/Dollar Concrete Toyota - BER Number
    74 Brandon Mcreynolds - The Reichert Group Chevrolet - @mje33 Number

    Screenshots by @J.R.Franklin


    1. K&N_East_BMS_001.jpg
    2. K&N_East_BMS_002.jpg
    3. K&N_East_BMS_012.jpg
    4. K&N_East_NSS_006.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Kazuo
    Version: 2019-09-23
    Great work! Really glad to see someone working on K&N schemes!