CWS15 Camping World Truck Series Set #2

54 more trucks from various truck races

  1. games123
    Here is the quite possibly the most awaited carset of the year. 54 Camping World Trucks from various races.

    Credits: Team Om3ga (Mod, Toyota temp, Ford temp) BER (Chevy Temp, Numbers) Google (Logos) Alan Harkleroad (Contigs) Masgrafx (Signatures, Logos) myfonts (Stuff that was a font) nwt0(Logos) Ben Althen(Logos) Me (Bases, Logos, Numbers)


    In case I am forgetting anybody in the credits let me know.

Recent Reviews

  1. Underdogfan
    Version: #2
    Thank you, THANK YOU! Stellar work as always!
  2. dooper
    Version: #2
    Great work games123! I appreciate your efforts.