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Nascar Thunder 2003 PC/Ps2 Conversion (Cup 2000) 2.5

Textures converted from the pc and ps2 version with a few extra drivers

  1. Rika Shinozaki
    This set will contain all the NASCAR Winston Cup series drivers, this is a working progress and my first post, so please bare with me on this. I do have plans on adding most of the 2002 paint schemes and the Busch series that were in the game, but not all the 2001 paint schemes since Thunder98 (who inspired me to make this post) has done a fantastic job of making the Nascar Thunder 2002 Paint schemes i recommend you see his post. But further more Sterling Marlin has 3 paint schemes. The first one being the regular 2002 Sterling Marlin Dodge, the second one is the Ganassi Sterling Marlin Dodge (in a similar style of how the car looked in Nascar Dirt to Daytona), and the last one is the 2002 Ganassi Racing Dodge (that may change to Jamie Mcmurry's car). Also i have edited Ward Burton's 2002 Cat Dodge to look like the Daytona 500 winning car. Thanks for looking at the post and i hope you enjoy!

    Cars That i will be making that aren't in the game
    #11 Brett Bodine
    #14 Stacy Compton
    #23 Hut Stricklin
    #26 Joe Nemechek
    #33 Mike Wallace
    #44 Steve Grissom
    #66 Todd Bodine
    # 71 Dave Marcis

    Busch Cars That i will be making that aren't in the game

    #5 Ricky Hendrick (R.I.P)
    #12 Kerry Earnhardt
    #24 Jack Sprague
    #38 Christian Elder (R.I.P)
    #57 Jason Keller
    #59 Stacy Compton
    #66 Casey Mears
    Credit: Thunder98 (For the idea) Cosmin (For the templates) Google, Bing (For the logos) and EA Sports ( For making the car texture)

Recent Reviews

  1. InsideLine
    Version: 1.1
    Thank You for making this set a reality. Very cool indeed.