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  1. casssp

    Could you help me about Albany-Saratoga?

    Hello, I'm looking for references, but it's still not clear to me. Please, was Albany-Saratoga dirt or paved in 1970? Thanks.
  2. casssp

    I recommend some old crazy tracks like Stunts

    Not long ago, I opened a topic asking about some old acrobatic tracks, such as Talladega / Daytona Jump, Roller Coaster, Crazy Bristol, Watkins on Dirt... I managed to find it through Wayback, and I have come to recommend some for those who don't know and want to go beyond the Stunts and GNC...
  3. casssp

    NASCAR Heat 5

    New year, New game. Release: Gold Edition: July 7, 2020 Standard Edition: July 10, 2020 Features: Official Tracks - 34 officially licensed tracks for you to race on across the various series including Daytona, Indianapolis and Talladega, plus five fictional dirt tracks Challenge Mode...
  4. casssp

    Is there a way to just remove the rear glass/deck of Chevrolet Aero88?

    I was thinking if through some editing, or by mips, if it is possible to just remove the rear window, or convert it into a rear cover? Just to better reflect the 1983 to 85 season.
  5. casssp

    Can anyone explain this to me about Jeff Gordon in 1996?

    I'm collecting some 1996 references, and I came across this: Jeff Gordon lost the championship even with 10 wins and same Top-5-10 over the first. But how?
  6. casssp

    For you veterans, does 1987 fit well on Aerowar88?

    For you veterans, does 1987 fit well on Aerowar88? Does it represent well accurate that time using 1988 car bodies? Thanks!
  7. casssp

    Tips for screenshots?

    Guys help me with one thing: I want to get new mainback screens for each of my mods, but I want to leave them in a standardized angle for all of them. Using default cameras and default tracks, which tracks can I make screenshots that look like the ones below?
  8. casssp

    Question about wheels/tires and cockpit

    Is it possible to bring the wheels a little further out of the car in Hobby Stock Mod? Is it possible to change the wheels for another one? Also, and the cockpit to get from one mod to put into the Hobby Stock? I ask why I want to leave the mod with the 1979 carset a little more realistic...
  9. casssp

    Question to the track editors/makers or experts

    I have some tracks from 70´s. But some tracks are limited fields, like 26, 32, 34 cars. My question is: is there a way to increase the field editing the .ini/.cfg? I want to standardize all the tracks to 40.
  10. casssp

    Please, is there 2015 or 2016 complete Daytona carset?

    For Bullring mod :)
  11. casssp

    Link for 2014 Daytona 500 set

    I used the search and find the 2014 Daytona set. However, the link is broken and I can´t reply the topíc because he is blocked. Please, is there an updated link? Thanks :-)
  12. casssp

    Do we have some kind of engine sound, like these?

    58:04 Yeah, I know these engine sounds are too old and a bit unrealistic today. But I´m an old Nascar player, and I miss these engines. Do we have some? I tried also some great sound packs, from here and there, very good. Thanks
  13. casssp

    Looking for 2007 COT Carset, and 2014 GEN6 Daytona 500 set

    I used the search section, but I didn´t found anything. Edit: the link for 2014 Daytona 500 set is down. Please, does someone have the set? Thanks
  14. casssp

    Carset for Beta3 Mod?

    Carset for NNS07 Beta3 Mod? Hello! Back in the days, someone here has posted the 2006 and 2007 nextel carset for the mod. But the links doesn´t work anymore. Please, someone have the sets? Thanks :)
  15. casssp

    COT Downloads

    Hello all! Hey, please, is there a way to do all downloads at the same time, for example, I want to download all 2008 COT and I should need open one and one to download or is there a way to download all in one pack? Appreciate!!