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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. J

    LarryFoyt50's Goodie Bag

    Cool, next time I'm on my old computer I'll send some stuff over.
  2. J

    LarryFoyt50's Goodie Bag

    Hey man, long time no talk. Great to see you're still painting. I thought most of these paints had been done? I recall doing one of the #37 cars, as well as the #13, but anyway, if you need anymore resources or tips, let me know. I've just kind of stopped painting due to school and such, but I...
  3. J

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    It's been a while. Here's a lame shot of the Cup 2000 cars done by CC48 at nhis
  4. J

    RicardoG's WinstonCup 2000 cars

    In the words of Kyle Petty... "Incredible"
  5. J

    Computer Help

    How much would this improve my FPS? It's .4 more GHz than what I've got, and according to the quote from the hp link provided would work with mine.
  6. J

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Nazareth! Love this track.
  7. J

    Computer Help

    The MacBook is a 13.3" Pro with Retina Display. I'm sure there's a way to hook it up to my steering wheel but if not then there's no way I'd want to play it on there. My steering wheel is a Logitech/Momo Racing Force Model No. E-UH9. And I'm not confident enough to trust myself to install...
  8. J

    Computer Help

    Don't be trash talkin' my computer ;) Nah I guess it would be outdated in today's world. I think we've had it since my Freshman year of high school at least, and that was 5 years ago. It's crazy to think it's been that long already and that technology can be outdated so quickly, but so it...
  9. J

    Computer Help

    I've got a computer that gets really terrible fps and it's making it hard to enjoy this game we all love if I can't make it as good as possible. I think the problem with my computer is the processor isn't up to par with everything else, if I'm correct. I've got an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core...
  10. J

    Some logo I.D.

    Okay all, I need some help identifying a few of the logos from Lowell Bennett's ventures in the Busch series. If I don't get any answers here it's no big deal; I might try reaching him myself if I want to bad enough. But I figured if any of you were familiar with the shape of these or knew them...
  11. J

    Douglas Racing Design's 2000 Carset

    They're not too far off. A few tweaks I would recommend: Making the Bellsouth logo bigger, and changing the Michael Holigan Font on the sides and front. Not sure how you managed to get it right on the back and not the other sides but it's okay lol. The font most likely belongs to the Helvetica...
  12. J

    Rewind the clock to year 2000.

    I love it when people take the time to go the extra mile and make their cars as accurate as possible according to which race they ran, by adding short track ducts and such. So props for that. Now it's my time to figure out this bad boy template on my Christmas break!
  13. J

    12 years ago...

    I'm still out of the loop....where can I find the templates for this? Nice car btw lol
  14. J

    Need help cleaning up a budweiser logo

    You could either a.) Trace it, which would be a pain in the a** on the budweiser logo, or you could b.) piece it together by using the budweiser logo off of brands of the world and tracing the rest. Or you could just keep looking for it; I'm sure there's one out there somewhere lol.
  15. J

    A couple of 2002 logos

    Might ask LarryFoyt50 about the Leading logo, think he found it when he had to do the 91 Busch car from 2001. Either him or Jr_fan
  16. J

    Rewind the clock to year 2000.

  17. J

    2015 Fictionals - burtonbraves

    That was one of my thoughts too after I saw that. Nice schemes! The 19 looks better than what they plan on using.
  18. J

    2015 The Motorsports Group NSCS Proposal

    Make the lines follow the body contour. It looks like you just used a selection tool and made some rectangles. But I like clean designs like that. I doubt the number font is really going to matter to them. They're going to have to do some new ones anyway if they're using the 30.
  19. J

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Where did you get the special schemes?
  20. J

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Thanks for using the 2002 Busch set! I plan on updating and adding some of the main cars soon!