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    Sony confirms GT6 for the PS3

    From Sony Exec Confirms Gran Turismo 6 Coming To PlayStation 3 - Forbes
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    Gen 6 cars coming as DLC

    Details (pricing, release, etc) are all TBA.
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    2013 Sprint Cup #7

    Tommy Baldwin Racing with Dave Blaney for the full season.
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    NTG:IL Patch #1 Update

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    The new is live.

    New is live, NASCAR actually controls the site now (in the past it had always been ran by Turner Sports). NASCAR Sprint Cup Series | Thoughts?
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    2013 Dakar Rally Race Thread

    As usual the major International Motorsports Season kicks off with the Dakar Rally. This years race will be the 34th running & the 5th consecutive one to take place in South America. Schedule & Route **Distance listed in Kilometers** 2013 Dakar Route - YouTube Entry List Bikes = 183 Riders...
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    16 years ago this season (video game related)

    The video games of the 1996 Toys "R" Us catalog So many memories of a much simpler era.
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    NTG:IL Released

    Well today is the day, the game has been released and because today is also the Halo 4 release date several people were able to get it at the stores doing a Halo 4 Midnight Release. Don't have my copy of the game yet but so far reviews have been all pretty positive (except for a few...
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    GT Academy TV Show

    The US version premiers tonight at 11:30pm Eastern (guessing 11:30pm Mountain or Pacific too IDK) on Spike. It follows the 15 fastest drivers from the 2012 GT Academy competition as they train with real racecars at Silverstone.
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    NTG:IL Soundtrack Revealed

    - Black Stone Cherry - Like I Roll (Game Version) - Grouplove - Itchin' On A Photograph - Halestorm - Rock Show (Game Version) - Simple Plan - Last One Standing - Staind - Now - Switchfoot - Afterlife - The Royal Concept - Gold Rushed - The Royal Concept - In The End - The Sheepdogs -...
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    2013 Grand-Am, ALMS & WEC Discussion thread

    2013 Grand-Am, ALMS, WEC, ELMS, & AsLMS Discussion thread From Daytona to Detroit, Sebring to Silverstone, France to Fuji this is the place to discuss the 2013 seasons for the Grand-Am Rolex Series (Grand-Am), FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), American Le Mans Series (ALMS), Asian Le...
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    Loeb to only run partial WRC schedule in 2013. Touring Cars next?

    Kinda big news in the Motorsports world this morning. Definitely a big departure for the WRC crowd, if the late great Colin McRae was their Dale Earnhardt then Loeb was easily their Jeff Gordon (in terms of performance, you either love or hate him & has mass market appeal for those that don't...
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    NTG:IL Achievement/Trophy list

    So the Achievement/Trophy list has been announced: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Achievements/Trophies List | NASCAR The Game Below I have them organized by "level" (Gold/Silver/Bronze) and then by 'G' which I'm guessing is the Xbox Gamerpoints you get for them or something (I'm a PS3 guy so...
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    Aaron Fike is Reinstated

    Candidate for the #22 car in 2013? XD In all seriousness it's good to see that he has apparently made the choice to get & stay clean.
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    Jeff Gordon to get the Heisman

    So what this means is screw Football all I gotta do is start a Charity to get me a Heisman for my mantle. XD
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    Penn State Penalties Announced

    So that's going all the Charity right, I mean the NCAA doesn't get ANY of that right? So basically punishing people that had absolutely nothing to do with it..... So all of Sanduskys (ya know the guy who actually touched little boys) wins still stay on his record..... Plus this is sort of...
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    2012 Summer Olympics Thread

    Made this for over at Eutechnyx, figured I'd post it here too. Event Info 10,000+ Athletes 302 Events 204 Nations 26 Sports Disciplines 19 Days Motto: "Inspire a Generation" Host City: London, England, United Kingdom Participating Nations {Click4Bigger} Event Schedule...
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    Angela Cope to Retire?

    Get Angela Cope Out of NASCAR! by Rita Ruch - GoFundMe XD
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    Giantbomb Video Preview of NTG:IL with Ed Martin

    Nascar The Game: Inside Line: Giant Bomb Quick Look - YouTube
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    New Gameinformer article + 12 Screenshots

    From Screenshots Attached. I'm pretty sure that some of the screenshots have some of the filters/effects from the in-game photo tool thus the somewhat washed out coloring on a few.