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  1. SpiderTre

    Hermie Sadler B-pillar ID

    i need help IDing the logo in between the BSV and the Pepsi logos on the b-pillar. thanks
  2. SpiderTre

    Chad Finley logo ID

    i'm 99% done with his truck and i'm missing just one thing. i'm missing the white logo on the decklid between the roll bars these are the best shots i've found
  3. SpiderTre

    2001 DeWalt tool ID

    so i'm almost 100% done with Kenseth's Saw Blade scheme he ran around the mid part of 2001, i just need the tool that's on his deck lid. my Google searches have produced nothing close. here's the best shot i have of it
  4. SpiderTre

    Ricky Craven door signature

    anyone have his door sig from when he was in the 32? i remember seeing it around in a PSD format but haven't been able to find it now. i'm thinking it was on NDG but don't remember
  5. SpiderTre

    SpiderTre's Cup2000 showroom

    been working on some Cup2K cars so i figured i'd show them off. right now i've been working on a set for the 2001 Virginia 500 since there's a lot of pictures from that race. #27 Eel River Racing Pontiac driven by Kenny Wallace from the 2001 Virginia 500 at Martinsville credits: base - me...
  6. SpiderTre

    Signature font

    anyone happen to know both fonts? i think Craven had the same font too when he was with PPI
  7. SpiderTre

    old Miller Lite logo

    was wondering if anyone had the Miller Lite logo with the gradient that was on Rusty's car in the early 2000's. the ones i found were either the 2003+ version or the old logo without the gradient
  8. SpiderTre

    A couple of 2002 logos

    anyone know what the "Leading" logo and the logo right above Deka are?
  9. SpiderTre

    a couple of logos from 2001

    anyone know the logo on the c-pillar and the the logo between Lincoln Welders and We Care on Mast's car?
  10. SpiderTre

    2002 Memorial Day?

    i need help with a logo that were on the cars for the 2002 Coca Cola 600. i'm pretty sure it's Memorial Day/9/11 related but i'm not sure what it is. here's the closest pic i can find of it it's on the b-pillar on Kimmel's car and just to the left of "U.S. Air Force" on Sadler's car
  11. SpiderTre

    Cunningham font

    anyone know the font Cunningham Motorsports uses for their cars?
  12. SpiderTre

    logo ID

    need helping IDing the logo on the quarter panel. the one that says "500"
  13. SpiderTre

    Pro Cal font ID

    anyone know the font for the Pro Cal logo? looks familar but i don't have it
  14. SpiderTre

    Venturini Motorsports logo help

    if anyone can identify the logos circled, that would be much appreciated. this is the best picture i could find
  15. SpiderTre

    "Happy Meals" logos

    does anyone have the Happy Meals logos from Bill Elliott/Andy Houston's cars?
  16. SpiderTre

    Bobby Hamilton Jr. logo ID

    need help IDing the logo on BH Jr.'s c-pillar i'm thinking it's related with 9/11. the pic is from Homestead 2001
  17. SpiderTre

    Carl Long logo help

    yep, it's me, again. anybody have the logo on the quarter panels, and the red logos on the c-post and under "Specialized"? i know the logo on the quarter panels is "Specialized Film Storage" but i can't find a logo of it the car is from the 2001 NAPA 500 at Atlanta
  18. SpiderTre

    Logo IDs

    need help IDing the logos in the squares. the pic was pretty small so i made it bigger to help. don't think it helped much but whatever lol it's from Lance Hooper's 2001 NAPA 500 car
  19. SpiderTre

    Ribbon ID

    anybody know the ribbon on the c-pillar? i think that's the best shot of it
  20. SpiderTre

    Dick Trickle logo ID

    need help IDing the logo on Trickle's decklid and door. it's the only thing keeping me from finishing this car 100%