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  1. Ceafus 88

    Some Gen6 Requests Please

    If I could get a couple of renders of these two cars, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you guys for your hard work keeping up and rendering for everyone! :)
  2. Ceafus 88

    Fogg Bros Inc. Race Lineup

    Here are 3 cars I painted for my offline team that I use with my brother and cousin when we race: Credits: OutlawGrfxs, Google, SRD (y)
  3. Ceafus 88

    3 Car Render Gen6 2014

    I was curious if someone would be kind enough to render these 3 cars for my offline team please. If it is possible, do separate renders for each car, then one team render. Thank very much! (y) Car #03: Car #04: Car #05...
  4. Ceafus 88

    2014 Nascar Sprint Cup Series Carset for the Gen-6 Mod

    I do not know how many have been looking for one, but I came across this today from | Your Auto Racing sim community Its the 2014 Nascar Sprint Cup Series Carset for the Gen-6 Mod
  5. Ceafus 88

    My Personal Rides

    Ceafus Racing and Design I have a few rides I made/converted to show. This one was painted by Checker_MC Designs for me last year (hence my AV) last year, but on the BR12 cars, I converted it over to the Gen6 Mod: And these two I painted myself, its my first paints, so go easy on...
  6. Ceafus 88

    Gen6 03 Chevrolet 2048 Render Request

    If someone could do a render or two for this, I would appreciate it a lot! :) Thanks!
  7. Ceafus 88

    2013 Gen6 Car Render Request

    Could Someone provide me with a render of these 2 cars drafting at Daytona? Or just sitting beside each other? Either one would be fine as long as both are included in the render. :) Thanks Much! ~CLayton
  8. Ceafus 88

    New Series in Game

    Hello, I have been researching and researching, but could bever find any answers to the following question. I have my own 3d Models I would like to make a series out of, but I have no knowledge of how to put them in-game, any suggestions would be great, because if I could get the knowledge, I...
  9. Ceafus 88

    88 Dale Jr. Bristol 50th Anniversary Car

    I started a thread to show this as I have placed it in the wrong thread, any way I would like to post a scheme that I thought of making, but lacked the skills, so I edited the 2011 Dale jr Base, and sent it to 4 wide racing to make, he did an outstanding job, and here is the final result
  10. Ceafus 88

    #03 Retro Dr. Pepper

    This is my car I use for NR2003, I can race online anytime after 4:00 Pm Accept on wednesdays and Sundays just PM me to get in touch. I also have a regular Dr. Pepper car, I will post Pictures of it later. Thank you for reading and looking, feel free to comment. (y) Logos: Google...
  11. Ceafus 88

    I need a Car PSD photo

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could make me a 2011 Dale Jr. PSD file? I need all the logos, and his numbers on there, but on layers so I can customize it, if someone could do this I would much appreciate it. (y)
  12. Ceafus 88

    A 04 Tide Car for my team.

    Here is a pic of a 04 car a car in my Team, just wanted to show yall, please feel free to comment
  13. Ceafus 88

    Bullring 2011 Carset Help & Up-To-Date Tracks

    Hello, I have downloaded the 2011 carset from bull ring, and installed it properly I think, I unzipped the file into my series folder, but when I get on there, the cars are all blurry and not reguler like all the pictures show I have the graphics turned all the way up , but it still doesn't...
  14. Ceafus 88

    Hi Yall

    Hey, I am a die-hard Nascar fan, and love playing NR 2003 and the updated versions, I am planning on becoming an active part of the Sim Racing Comminity. I have a Custim Number I use on my cars its 03. I am still trying to find a sponsor. I hope you guys accept me into your community, and have...