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  1. XxCorbin9983xX

    PSN IDs

    Hey guys, I just got a PS3 a few days ago and would like to add whoever wouldn't mind. I'm really looking forward to NTG: 2011 coming out and will more than likely be on that. I also have Black Ops. Up here where I live, it's all Xbox 360s. I'm a lone ranger, so help me out if you'd like. :)...
  2. XxCorbin9983xX

    Question about the G27.

    hey guys. i can't seem to find any logitech g27 wheels anywhere, same goes for the g25. on all the sites it says they are coming december 30th. i thought the g27s were already out.. did they just run out of stock or have they upgraded the previous model? please let me know! i really wanna get...
  3. XxCorbin9983xX

    Rising Young Guns In NASCAR

    With all the young, talented drivers emerging into NASCAR these days, who stands out to you and who are you looking forward to seeing in more races? For me, it would have to be this list of drivers: 1.) Trevor Bayne 2.) Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 3.) Cole Whitt 4.) Aric Almirola 5.) Justin...
  4. XxCorbin9983xX

    I sell propane, and propane accessories..

    Here's my newest creation. I will be using this plus some others for my online/offline cars. I know I'm nowhere near as good of a painter as anyone else here, but I try my hardest. What do you guys think? I know there's room for improvement and I'd love to here some feedback. I haven't added any...
  5. XxCorbin9983xX

    Looking for a league.

    Hello to everyone that races in a league. I am currently racing in a league on friday nights and would like to expand my online racing. If you are in a league that is recruiting new drivers, please let me know! I'm a clean and respectful driver, and competitive at the same time. :) i dont have...
  6. XxCorbin9983xX

    #99 Miller Lite Toyota Camry

    here's a car i kinda just whipped together. it's going to be my new offline car. what do you guys think? :) Credits: Base Scheme-DeadPool Racing Car Template-SRD Numbers-Me Logos-DeadPool, Masgrafx Contigencies-SRD Render-tenOr's render shop
  7. XxCorbin9983xX

    I need help with something.

    hey guys, i need your help. i just got high speed internet wednesday, and for the past two nights, from like 7ish to 9ish, the latency has been terrible (sometimes reaching over 1000 ms!) and has made online games unplayable. any other time, it works great, and my pings are always around 25 ms...
  8. XxCorbin9983xX

    MOPAR logo help?

    Hey, can anyone tell me where I can find the MOPAR logo, or possibly even a MOPAR logo set please? I've been looking around but I haven't been able to find anything.
  9. XxCorbin9983xX

    Nationwide Race.

    What a great race! And Kyle Busch makes headlines again with his bad attitude. "I guess that's what happens when you race with idiots." Kyle, your the idiot. :)
  10. XxCorbin9983xX

    Fictional Red Robin Chevy Cruze.

    I got bored, so I decided to throw together a little scheme. Please give me some input and let me know what you think! Thanks. :) Credits: Template - Lurn 2 Burn Logos - Deadpool Racing, RealRacers, Masgrafx, SRD Contingencies - Stunod Racing, SRD Base - Deadpool (but I made some...
  11. XxCorbin9983xX

    #99 Window World Toyota Camry.

    I've been working on this car for about three weeks now, and it's been fun to paint it. The base was the hardest part to make. Other than that, it wasn't too bad. Tell me what you think about it.
  12. XxCorbin9983xX

    Come on guys.

    Guys, lately with all this grammar talk, it's been bringing a lot of hostility to SRD. I know that it does sometimes get annoying to try and read what people type, but it just seems wrong to punish them for it. i've been typing like this for awhile, and I rarely ever use abbreviations and things...
  13. XxCorbin9983xX

    thinking about getting a G25..

    i've heard that the Logitech G25 is a pretty amazing wheel. i currently have a Logitech Momo. I like it and all, but i've had it for awhile and i finally have the money to get a G25. so i guess what i'm wondering is, would it be worth it to get the wheel?
  14. XxCorbin9983xX

    if you had to pick between..

    If you had to pick between driving a dodge charger or a toyota camry, what would you choose? I need 5 replies/opinions as soon as possible please. Thanks.
  15. XxCorbin9983xX

    RealRacers Inc.

    stay away from RealRacers Inc. they'll end up banning you for no reason, just like they just did to me. i had the points lead in both series also. thats just bad sportsmanship on their part. so avoid the disappointment and stear clear of them.
  16. XxCorbin9983xX

    #99 Hidden Valley Ford With A Little Retro Twist.

    hey guys, this is my 3rd car ive painted. and to be honest, i think im getting much better at it. :D this is a little scheme i threw together for a league race later on this year (we're all going to be running retro paint schemes). let me know what you guys think! CREDITS: Base: Horton...
  17. XxCorbin9983xX

    Render Request.

    Could someone please render this for me? thank you.
  18. XxCorbin9983xX

    Looking to join an online racing league.

    Hi, i'd really like to join another online racing league. I'm currently running over at RealRacers Inc., and would like to add another league to my schedule. I run Wednesdays/Fridays at RealRacers, but im free to run every other day. I'm looking for a league that won't mind that i'm running on...
  19. XxCorbin9983xX

    anyone wanna race later?

    pretty much like the title if anyone wants to race later, let me know. im off of work today and am just in a race mood. :)
  20. XxCorbin9983xX

    NASCAR Race Car Logo.

    where can i find the NASCAR Race Car logo that's above most of the side contingencies?