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07 DAVID STAR - TEXAS II daniele
Templates SRD, Render Burnout/Blender, numbers BER, numbers BER, ratings and new box me.
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM2 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - DAR1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. The_Dolfan

    2016 Render

    Could I get a render of my car? I'd like something clean, but no 'on track' shots please. Thank you to whoever puts time into doing these for everyone!
  2. The_Dolfan

    BR15 Toyota (Peters)

    Could I get some type of garage render of this car? Thank you. (BR15 Toyota Camry)
  3. The_Dolfan

    Retro Peak Logo Needed

    I've searched Google, SRD, NNRacing, Masgrafx and more and can't find a decent resolution Retro Peak Logo. I need this for a NXS15 car and it would be awesome if someone could help. Here are a couple pictures of what I'm looking for: I'm looking for the mountain on the sides. I think the word...
  4. The_Dolfan

    2014 Atlanta (Day) Setup

    Sorry if this isn't the right place but I'm in desperate need of a setup for Atlanta 2014 (Day) By RenaultFan. It seems I spin every corner and have tried everything to stop this. I usually spin coming off the corners or in the center but no matter what I do it just whips around on me. Entry is...
  5. The_Dolfan

    Danica Patrick TaxACT

    Could I get a render of this car please? I'd prefer an on track Martinsville render but if that isn't possible yet then that okay. This IS the new BR15 mod on the 2014 chevy template by BER so i think it will work.
  6. The_Dolfan

    Danica Logo Help

    So, I need help identifying one more logo for the car to be complete. I know it's a memorial of some sort but does anyone have a link to a picture? In fact I think ever SHR car had it by the name rail. Also could some point me to a Danica Patrick signature above her door. Would be much...
  7. The_Dolfan

    2014 Daytona DMRNNS?

    As most of you know, DMR is now no longer with NR2003. Can anyone PM their 2014 Daytona carset with GNS physics. Also, any other cars from 2014 would be appreciated.
  8. The_Dolfan

    BR GEN 6 Chevy (Lionel)

    Hey, I was just wondering if I could get a Lionel Render of my personal car... (or at least something close) (y)
  9. The_Dolfan

    NR2003 goes really, REALLY fast

    So, I've had NR2003 for about 15 months and up until recently (a few months or so) everything was running really smooth. Now, whenever I start the game the main screen goes REALLY fast. The blocks and lines just "fly" across the screen. I can go to any menu, I can go to a race/testing session...
  10. The_Dolfan

    BR GEN 6 Chevy

    Doesn't matter what render. Just want something nice. (Preferably NOT an on-track render) Thanks! *took out url*
  11. The_Dolfan

    The Dolfan's Showroom

    Decided to start a showroom to show off my work. I don't really paint much but I love to do it. I started painting probably in about April of 2014. I use GIMP for those wondering. So here it is: Ryan Newman's 2015 Caterpillar Chevy. Template/Numbers: Big Evil Racing Render: Andy1 Sponsors...
  12. The_Dolfan

    BR Gen6 Chevy

    Can I get just a couple clean renders of this car? Preferably no "on-track" renders. Thanks!
  13. The_Dolfan

    Best Graphics Card for NR2003?

    Yes, I know this question has been asked 1,000 times but I just would like to know flat out... What is the best graphics card for nr2003? I've seen threads about them and really everyone has their own opinion. Look, right now I'm get about 15 FPS in a pack with 20 or so cars. With 43 starting...
  14. The_Dolfan

    BR GEN 6 Ford

    Just a few, nice, HD Renders would be nice.
  15. The_Dolfan

    CWTS '13 Render?

    Could I get a render for my truck please? No preferences as long as it looks good :)
  16. The_Dolfan

    Gen 6 Fastenal Ford

    I don't really care what scene as long as it's clean (y) Thank You!
  17. The_Dolfan

    Need Score4 Assistance (NAMES)

    For the seasons I do in NR2K3 I use Score4. I get how to import and generate and what not but I have a slight problem. The names in Score4 come up as First letter of first name and full last name. Example: J Johnson, J Gordon, D Earnhardt Jr., K Kahne. I just need to know how to change it so it...
  18. The_Dolfan

    Trouble with SMS Lobby

    About 8 months ago I got SMS Lobby. Everything was running fine (races were loading, hardly any lag, etc.) However ever since about January every time I try to open a race it takes me straight to the BR2011 mod and goes to options. Then it goes to multiplayer and says... "Session closing...Must...
  19. The_Dolfan

    Best Reflection Pack?

    Hey, I just stopped by wondering-What is the best reflection pack? Some people say this some say that. I'm looking for realism, and I don't wanna test a bunch of packs. I've searched everywhere and I can't decide what pack I should get. Thanks!
  20. The_Dolfan

    2012-2014 Tracks

    Hey, I was just wondering if there were any links to tracks from 2012-2014. I know there are sites like NR2ktracks and revamped reloaded but I'm talking about any sites with recent or new tracks thanks to all:p