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07 DAVID STAR - TEXAS II daniele
Templates SRD, Render Burnout/Blender, numbers BER, numbers BER, ratings and new box me.
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM2 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - DAR1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. Finishline


    Hey guys, just figured I'd make a formal reappearance since I pretty much disappeared. Anyway, hi.
  2. Finishline

    2007 Dupont base

    Well, I really didn't want to ask about this but I can't find it so, where could I find the 2007 Dupont base for the original cup mod? Thanks for any help.
  3. Finishline

    ARCA tracks

    Does anyone have the less obvious tracks from the ARCA schedule? Thanks. - Schedule Link to schedule
  4. Finishline

    Preseason MLB Discussion

    Didn't see this thread yet so here we go. Talk about who looks good so far (teams and players) and make predictions if you wish. :)
  5. Finishline

    Brad Keselowski injured in testing accident

    NASCAR - CUP: BREAKING NEWS – Keselowski Hurt Sounds like the injures were minor and he will race this weekend.
  6. Finishline

    2011 ARCA schedule

    Could someone please show me where a 2011 ARCA schedule is? Thanks. :)
  7. Finishline

    June 22nd.

    This is the day when the NNS COT comes out for iRacing. I can't be anymore excited! :D
  8. Finishline

    EPS file

    Does anyone have an EPS file of the hood logo on the car below? If so, could you please send me it? Thank you.
  9. Finishline

    #24 AARP Impala request

    Chevy body. 1024 x 768 dimensions please. Some cool renders please, wanna use them for my desktop. Thanks. (y) Credits: Base-SHD Template-SRD Logo(s)-NNR Number-SRD B-Pillars-NNR Contingencies-Joey, Me
  10. Finishline

    Farmers Insurance logo(s)

    Hey, does anyone have the Farmers Insurance logo(s) on Mark Martin's car? A picture is attached below. I'm mainly looking for the rear QP logo. Thanks.
  11. Finishline

    Napa Toyota request

    Goes on a Toyota. 1024 x 768 please. Credits: Base-SRD Template-SRD Number-Masgrafx Logo(s)-Masgrafx, Wiki, Google Contingencies-Joey(DER), Me, Muddslide, LNR
  12. Finishline

    Signature help

    Could someone make a signature for me like the one above, except the name being Trey Browning? Or how I could do it myself? Thanks. :)
  13. Finishline

    #18 2011 Associates?

    Does anyone have the logo's in front of the rear wheel? Thanks for any help. :)
  14. Finishline

    2011 Team sorted contingencies

    Here are the 2011 HMS and JGR contingencies for the BR2011 mod. Thanks to DERacing for the logos. I also confirmed with him that I could post these. Enjoy.
  15. Finishline

    2008 COT cars?

    Does anyone have the 2008 COT cars from here in a Zip file? Thanks. :)
  16. Finishline

    iRacing Paint requests?

    Does anyone know where I can request or anyone here that can do a paint request? Thanks. :D
  17. Finishline


    How is it? I'm sure some of you have been playing for hours lol
  18. Finishline

    BR2011 Hamlin base

    Hey guys, does anyone know where Hamlin's 2011 base is for the BR2011 mod? Thanks. :)
  19. Finishline

    Font Indentification

    Hey guys, I could use some help identifying this font on the Coast Guard and USCG logo. Thanks for any help. :)
  20. Finishline

    SCE help

    Hey guys, I'm trying to install SCE and its not working. It'll get to a certain point and stop. I have rFactor installed so I'm unsure of the problem. Any ideas? Thanks. :)