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  1. S. Yogurt

    Binghamton Motorsports Park (Fictional 1.96 Mile Road Course)

    Please note, this download is an open beta. You may encounter some issues with A.I, pit road, etc. Everything will be sorted out eventually once we discover all the issues. Binghamton Motorsports Park is a fictional road course designed by myself and my college roommate in our spare time based...
  2. S. Yogurt

    Floating Pit Lights

    Good evening everyone, I've been working on a fictional road course track in Sandbox. This is the first time I've gone start to finish on a track project that actually functions how it's supposed to, with working A.I. and caution lights and the like. I'm having a small issue with the Whelen pit...
  3. S. Yogurt

    2017 NXS Contigs

    Good evening folks, I took about two years off from painting and just got the bug again to get going. Just got the templates for the 2017 NXS mod (fantastic by the way) and discovered that templates no longer come with the contigs built in as a layer. I see the contig decal sheets in the file...
  4. S. Yogurt

    There are some tracks that need a little love ;)

    Just screwing around in Sandbox ;)
  5. S. Yogurt

    Need Some Files Converted for me Real Quick

    I don't own max but would like some files converted for use in Blender. If anyone could help me out please PM me and I'll send you the link.
  6. S. Yogurt


    Looked around to see if there was a thread on this, there didn't seem to be. This new website redesign is absolutely gorgeous. I didn't much like the other new design, this one seems much cleaner. Good work guys!
  7. S. Yogurt

    My 2015 Ride - ASUS ROG

    Haven't found a 2015 template yet, and when that comes around I'll transfer my layers onto the new decals, but for now, here's my ride for the 2015 NASCAR XFINITY Series. :) Thanks to SRD for the template, Google and for the logos, and the renders were done by Andy1 and myself.
  8. S. Yogurt

    #15 ASUS NNS Toyota

    I do a lot of my own rendering, but I love seeing what you guys come up with. Nothing in particular in mind, but I'd love a two car scene thrown in there. Chrome rims please. Thanks!
  9. S. Yogurt

    Watkins Glen Set for Repave in 2015

    Via Jayski Been looking forward to this - I've heard in the past that they will slightly crown the surface and improve drainage, in hopes of better racing in the rain. And if we thought this place was fast before...
  10. S. Yogurt

    Gen6 Templates

    Are there any Gen6 templates besides the Bullring and BER ones? The Bullring ones are not quite the level of detail I want, and the BER ones almost crashed my computer. Looking for a nice middle ground. Thanks
  11. S. Yogurt

    CSX Hauler Re-Render

    Could I get a render of this hauler? Anything will do. Thanks!
  12. S. Yogurt

    #48 CSX Hauler Request

    Without carviewer files I'm just painting blind, so there may be some glaring issues. Anything will do for now. Hauler cab + trailer. Thanks! :)
  13. S. Yogurt

    3DOs Not Loading in Sandbox

    Hey guys, I was going to try editing Infineon Revamped for my own purposes - I was never really satisfied with how the curbing was in some areas... I unpacked the track and then opened it, but all the objects disappeared and didn't show up in either Sandbox nor the sim. I did my homework and...
  14. S. Yogurt

    Montreal Pit Problem

    Hey guys, I have a problem with Montreal FSE - everytime I pit under caution, I always get a pit road penalty, supposedly for a commitment cone violation or something like that. Not for speeding. It doesn't occur under green... Anyone else experience this? Also, Can someone shoot me the...
  15. S. Yogurt

    New Mustang, Old Body?

    So, what happens now that the Mustang has changed styles again? Do we just see awkward decal placement on the nose like the Camry, or do you think they'll eventually redesign the nose of the Nationwide car? Curious to see what others think.
  16. S. Yogurt

    Beta Testers for Road America Fix

    Hey guys, about a year ago I released an updated Road America with all the new runoff and some other goodies. A lot of people had trouble getting the track to load, and I'm trying to figure out the problem. So, I need five people that I will zip up the needed files for, and let me know how it...
  17. S. Yogurt

    CWS13 Tundra #15

    Can't render the CWS13 trucks myself until I get the models in .obj form, so until then - watchya guys got? Anything will work for me :) Thanks in advance :)
  18. S. Yogurt

    #15 ASUS Toyota and a New Render Scene Too :D

    Kinda using this as a joint topic to show off my ASUS Camry that I've been using all year. Also, I've been working on this scene lately in Blender 2.69a. I tried to optimize it for desktop background use and it turned out wonderful. Currently only the Toyota version of the scene is done, but I'm...
  19. S. Yogurt

    iRacing only recording at 15 FPS

    Hey guys, I'm starting work on an iRacing film, taking place at Watkins Glen with the Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes. I'm a little frustrated at the moment because I'll get between 30 and 100 FPS in a normal replay, and as soon as I start recording in FRAPS it drops to 15. It drops and stays at 15...
  20. S. Yogurt

    Anyone want to get together to race?

    Does anyone want to race online in the coming evenings? We could do 9 PM or 10 PM EST if that works. I want to get out and race some people! Gen6 and NWS13 mod most likely. Anyone interested?