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37 - P&G Camaro - POC1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. RedHemi05

    Logo request

    Howdy, I was wondering if someone could be kind enough and create a logo/decal for me. Pro Sense Roofing. Thanks in advance. Shawn
  2. RedHemi05

    Modified Tour 2014 Templates

    I'm looking for templates for this mod in rFactor. It's such a PITA trying to find this stuff again. Thanks
  3. RedHemi05

    17 Tide Ride Render Request

  4. RedHemi05

    Render Request 17 Tide Camery

  5. RedHemi05

    Render request

    If I could get some outstanding HD renders of these two, that would be great. Thanks
  6. RedHemi05

    Render request for Tbay Slider

    Hey bud, haven't talked to you in a while. Do you have any cool scenes for this baby? Thanks man.
  7. RedHemi05

    Render request 12 Aubuchon Hardware, Personal ride

    A few snazzy renders please.
  8. RedHemi05

    Render Request

    I have two cars needing rendering. One is my #43 STP Challenger and the other is the Challenger Hellcat. I have a 2015 Sublime Green Challenger R/T and would like to have a few renders of this. Also the STP needs chrome Rims, and I'd like white letter Goodyear Tires pretty please. Thanks.
  9. RedHemi05

    Render request 19 Husky Tools Toyota

    Haven't painted in a few years and I have had this stuck in my head. If I could get a few snazzy renders on the track and stand alone that would be great. Like Some high quality. :) Thanks
  10. RedHemi05

    Looking for the #19

    I haven't been on in a really long time and I am working on a car I have had in my mind for sometime now and I just want work on it. I'm looking for the #19 that Carl Edwards used.
  11. RedHemi05

    Render Request 6Gen

    Looking for a three car scene for this one please. Just testing out this design. Thanks
  12. RedHemi05

    Whelen Modified render request

    Like for it to be as real looking as possible please thanks
  13. RedHemi05

    render request for TBaySlider

    that texas track shot I always like. Thanks bud.
  14. RedHemi05

    Render Request for TBay Slider

    texas track seen bud plz thanks, shawn
  15. RedHemi05

    Gen6 Render Request (TBay Slider)

    hey bud could you do this on the texas scene ya got and anything new ya got. Thanks, Shawn
  16. RedHemi05


    can someone do some in game shot of this for me plz.
  17. RedHemi05

    Fresh out from paint

    The base I think I got from here. Thanks to Andy for this render. I have one more I'll add from him. Hopefully I'll have a few more to post renders to post.
  18. RedHemi05

    Render request for TBay Slider

    Thanks man I like the texas track on and any other cool track scenes bud. thanks, Shawn
  19. RedHemi05

    Featherlite Trailers

    Anyone have this?
  20. RedHemi05

    Whelen Modified Render request (Rogue)

    Whelen Modified Render request thanks man. Or Tuck