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  1. DERacing

    Couple of shots...

    Got the 8 yr old grandson running NR2k3 now... So of course he needed a car! :D This is for his select baseball team. He wears the number 3.
  2. DERacing

    MENCS19 Camaro Request - DERacing

    Hey guys! I have a new pc and havent gotten everything loaded as of yet. Trying to get mine and James rides together for the Offline series. Can I get a couple of shots of this. Nothing fancy. Thanks!!!
  3. DERacing

    When is the...

    Next race?
  4. DERacing

    Dear Logitech... YOU SUCK!

    Well, looks like I am sending back my new G920 wheel and shifter now. I had ordered a G29 a few weeks ago and sent it back a few days after I received it. The settings on the Logitech Gaming Software and Windows 10 just SUCKS ASS!!! LGS will map buttons, but even the windows joy.cpl control...
  5. DERacing

    Aero88 Templates

    Hey guys, I am trying to locate the Aero88 2048 templates. I saw through google search there was some here before but I am unable to locate them. I found the 1024 temps, but nothing that is still an active link for the 2048's. HELP!!! :):):)
  6. DERacing

    Pit Wagon Model Needed

    HELP!!! I am trying to locate a pitcrew model for Max but having absolutely no luck. I have the zmod file, but zmod is not exporting it correctly into the 3ds for some reason. I would like the War Wagon version if possible. Anyone... Bueller... Bueller...
  7. DERacing

    2018 SnG MENCS Models Rebuild

    Thread to discuss the rebuild of the SnG 2018 MENCS models. This is to be used as an ongoing discussion about cleaning up the models from the SNG mod to get a better render model and adjust some details. This is in NO WAY a thread to complain about the awesome models that SnG has put out...
  8. DERacing

    Hey guys! Anyone from Splash N Go on here? Map issue!

    Hey guys. I am trying to see if anyone from SnG who worked on the MENCS 2018 mod is around. I have located an issue with the window mappings against the overlays. If they still have the psd or build sheets they used, I would be more than happy to fix them, send them back over to them to...
  9. DERacing

    I am NOT NORMAL!!!

    Ola' Maxers!!! I cam across a couple great little applications that helps to create normal maps for use in the models. I worked a little with the standard bump maps that come with the cars and had some pretty neat looking results. I'll try to get some screen shots in a bit to demonstrate...
  10. DERacing

    Doing a little testing...

    Still a very rough scene, but it is modeled somewhat from a screenshot I saw from Forza 6. This is using the ART render engine right now and renders somewhat quickly. Still need to adjust some lights and render settings, but its a start... Critiques are greatly appreciated. Tips are even...
  11. DERacing

    You may wanna look at this...

    ... thread... Pay close attention to the 2nd post.
  12. DERacing

    Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, WHAT!

    Get em while their hot!!! Enjoy! DO NOT REPOST ON ANY SITE! You can use these for your own personal renders, render requests, etc. Merge into your scenes. I do not want to see these on any scenes on other sites. I do not need nor want credit for these if you use them on your shots. But do...
  13. DERacing

    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

    Just playin around a bit with the 15 model and some mods to it... A little massage here and there. My SRD Sprint Cup ride and my throwback! Oh and Matt and James SRD Cup Cars too.
  14. DERacing

    Back in... BLUE?!?!

    The Bad Boys of the SRD garage are ready to take to Daytona for the kickoff of the 2016 Sprint Cup Season. All 3 cars are testing better than expected and their drivers are getting anxious to get the season started.
  15. DERacing

    Season 6

    OK... Im chompin at the bit here... When are we starting Season 6? I am pretty sure that with all the work the SRD team's have been working on during the offseason that this seasons champs is going to be in the 3, 29 or 32!!! We are definitely going to be the teams to beat! BRING IT!!!!
  16. DERacing

    2014 NSCS Contingency Decal Worksheet Rev. A

    Ok Boys!!! Get em while their hot!!! 2014 NSCS Contingency Worksheet, Rev. A. Updated the new Duralast and Rookie Contender decal and added Flowmaster per shots up to tonights race. These are subject to change and I'll update as new photos come out and decals are...
  17. DERacing

    Team SRD 2014

    Team SRD rides have rolled off of the haulers... continues to test out the 3, 29 and 32 car in preparations for this years season... LOOK OUT!
  18. DERacing

    Hot contigs! Get your hot contigs here!!!

    Im DONE!!! I dont think they can change any of the decals anymore this year... whew! What a pain to keep up with the variants. Get em while their hot! 2013 DERacing Contigs Rev F.psd 2013 DERacing Contigs Rev F.psp
  19. DERacing

    2013 Gen6 DERacing Contigs - Rev D

    Here ya go... The latest and greatest set of my 2013 Gen6 Contingency Decal Worksheet. I may try to get some other shots up shortly. Most of these, as normally done, have been done by scanning the actual decals. Some modifications for variations have been done. Also, anti-ripping measures...
  20. DERacing

    New Rubber!

    Have a shot at these... Base rubber for now. I'll detail some out this weekend with markings and tape but I'd like to see some renders with these to see how the colors are holding up and the bumps work with it. Enjoy