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  1. 718X-Rated

    Mark Martin #6 Whelen Modified Request (Troyer Corvette)

    Good Evening Sim Racers: Here is my latest and greatest, which is a Whelen Modified version of Mark Martin's Valvoline ride from the early-1990s. This goes on the Troyer Corvette body. I greatly appreciate any assistance that you can provide. Thanks! -Ed
  2. 718X-Rated

    David Gravel #41 JJR Whelen Modified Requests

    Good Evening Sim Racers!!! The time has come for me to request several renders for the Whelen Modified Troyer Corvette. What I have created here is inspired by World of Outlaws driver David Gravel's #41 Jason Johnson Racing sprint car. I have four (4) renders based off of his sponsors Mesilla...
  3. 718X-Rated

    Weikert's Livestock logo

    Good Afternoon Sim Painters: Can anyone create a layered version of the attached logo? This is the Weikert's Livestock logo on David Gravel's World of Outlaws #41 car owned by Jason Johnson Racing. I greatly appreciate any assistance that you can provide. Thanks!
  4. 718X-Rated

    Logo Help - Outlaw Fuel Treatment

    Does anyone have the logo for Outlaw Fuel Treatment? It was on Dale Jr's cars from 1999-2002. I greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
  5. 718X-Rated

    Ragin' Cajun Whelen Modified Requests (Troyer Corvette body) - Part 1

    Good Evening Sim Racing Design: Here is my latest and greatest in the world of fictional Whelen Modifieds. This is for the Troyer Corvette body and these are Jason Johnson Tribute cars, representing all three of his major sponsors on the World of Outlaws tour. I greatly appreciate anyone who...
  6. 718X-Rated

    Spree Prepaid Foncard logo

    Good Evening: I'm looking to do a Whelen Modified of Adam Petty's Spree car from his ASA days, but can't find a decent logo. Can anyone out there recreate the logo? All I have is an old scan of the actual prepaid phonecard. I greatly appreciate anyone's assistance. Thanks!
  7. 718X-Rated

    #88 Axalta Coating Systems/#24EVER Whelen Modified requests

    Good Afternoon Everyone: It's been two years since I've painted cars and I thought to myself, "What if Dale Earnhardt, Jr. raced for another season?" As Axalta Coating Systems (formerly DuPont Automotive Finishes) was one of his primary sponsors, I created two #24EVER Rainbow Warriors...
  8. 718X-Rated

    Rico Abreu #24 Whelen Modified Request

    Here is the second of my Rico Abreu cars; this is based on the car he ran during the late-2014/early-2015 season in various sprint car events, including select World of Outlaws and All-Star events. Base, Abreu Vineyards logos, and numbers done by me; contigs from Google, and Special Thanks to...
  9. 718X-Rated

    Where can I find a Hot Wheels base (2048 x 2048)?

    I've been looking for a decent base for the Hot Wheels scheme that Kyle Petty raced from 1997 - 2000 and can't seem to find a decent one anywhere. If anyone knows where to find it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  10. 718X-Rated

    Whelen Modified Render Request - #24 Rico Abreu

    Good Evening NR2003 fans! Here is my latest and greatest Whelen Modified that I based off of Rico Abreu's sprint car. A future NASCAR legend, I can't wait to see him hit the track at Daytona. Base, numbers, and some logos by me; Alpinestars, contigs, etc. found on various places on the...
  11. 718X-Rated

    Whelen Modified Render Requests

    Good Evening Sim Racers: Here's two (2) Whelen Modifieds that I would like to have rendered (showroom, racetrack, etc.). If you want to know about the story behind these cars, they inspired by the United Racing Club sprint cars driven by Jonathan and David Swanson of Yardville, NJ, the same...
  12. 718X-Rated

    Whelen Modified request

    Here's Chase Elliott's Sprint Cup car rendered into a Whelen Modified. Special Thanks to Big Evil Racing for the numbers, Chevy SS tail clip, and logos, Ground Pounder Designs for the awesome new Whelen Modified templates, and Google for more logos. Many thanks to whoever tackles this render...
  13. 718X-Rated

    Coming soon to a Whelen Modified track near you...

    A little taste of what I'm working on. I hope to finish it in two weeks...
  14. 718X-Rated

    #73 Kramer Williamson Whelen Modified request

    I have another request for a render, this time of a friend who I looked up to when I started working on sprint cars in the United Racing Club Sprint Car Series. What you have here before you is the Pink Panther of the late Kramer Williamson, three-time URC Sprint Car Series Champion, 2nd on the...
  15. 718X-Rated

    #8 BMC Brasil Maquinas Rubens Barrichello Whelen Modified request

    Good Morning Whelen Modified fans!!! My first paint using the awesome new templates from Ground Pounder Designs; it is a Whelen Modified based off of the 2012 IndyCar of Rubens Barrichello. I would definitely love to see a render of this Modified done (using the Mustang body). Just like the...
  16. 718X-Rated

    #8 Brasil Maquinas Modified

    Here's a little something I'm working on and I hope to have it completed by Saturday. It's inspired by Rubens Barrichello's IndyCar when he ran in 2012. Constructive critiques welcome.
  17. 718X-Rated

    2014 and 2015 #88 Kelley Blue Book Whelen Modifieds

    It's up for grabs on Both 2014 and 2015 cars are up as a set on Special Thanks to for the bases, contigs, and logos; Big Evil Racing for the numbers and Chevrolet SS templates; and various...
  18. 718X-Rated

    2014 #88 Kelley Blue Book Whelen Modified request

    Good Afternoon Whelen Modified fans!!! I would definitely love to see a render of this Modified Monte Carlo done. Just like the 2015 car, please note how I got the words "Blue Book" across the air cleaner cover; I expect the same for this render. If possible, please do a render showing both...
  19. 718X-Rated

    2015 #88 Kelley Blue Book Whelen Modified Render Request

    Good Afternoon NR2003 fans! As usual, I crank out another awesome Whelen Modified for all you Ground Pounder fans out there. The most awesomest thing is that I was able to get the Kelley Blue Book ribbon across the air filter cover, so whoever does the render, please make sure the "UE BO"...
  20. 718X-Rated

    Kelley Blue Book Whelen Modified

    Here's a little taste of what I am currently working on. If anyone knows where I can find the Kelley Blue Book ribbon logo, let me know, I greatly appreciate any assistance. Keep in mind the 2015 scheme is a "reverse" of the 2014; I'll also be doing that one as well.