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NXS20 3D Studio Max Scene MattyO
NXS20 3D Studio Max Scene for Max8 and above.
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NXS20 Car Viewer Files MattyO
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NXS20 Templates 2048 x 2048 MattyO
2048 x 2048 Templates in PSD format.
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Schluter Systems Ford Mustang JNieder51188
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2020 NXS17 Xfinity batch 3 canadienhits
24 Xfinity cars from the 2020 season.
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  1. baboontester

    MECS19 Mustang Request

    Wow! Thanks man! Amazing job!
  2. baboontester

    MECS19 Mustang Request

    I'd really appreciate if someone could render these two cars for me. Credits: Template: Splash N Go Base: Checker MC Designs Logos: Google Numbers: DaFont Contigs: SRD (I think) Thank you!
  3. baboontester

    New to IRACING looking for help?

    I don't remember seeing in ANY class where you can go over 16:1 /18:1 in the steering ratio. Not entirely sure why.
  4. baboontester

    In Game Race at Bristol

    Looks like your getting "points" for drafting at Bristol? idk. lol. Looks decent. I'll be buying it.
  5. baboontester

    Not able to get on multiplayer

    SMSlobby and RLMarena are the only two I know of
  6. baboontester

    Yellow Stripe Rims...

    I would be interested as well.
  7. baboontester

    SRD Pick'em 2011 - Jeff Byrd 500 at Bristol

    Cup Pole: Ryan Newman Nationwide Winner: Carl Edwards Cup Top 5: 1. Jimmie Johnson 2. Kurt Busch 3. Ryan Newman 4. Kyle Busch 5. Carl Edwards
  8. baboontester

    For those who have 360's

    Bab00ntester (the 0's in Baboon are the NUMBER 0)
  9. baboontester

    Latest Wild creations of Benjiboy28 Designs (lol)

    Looks good man, but in your third picture. Your car is floating :p Awesome paint though!
  10. baboontester

    Just a little idea...

    If you want that, why not go use the BR2010 mod? lol
  11. baboontester

    There is one thing I can't stand....

    Whoops. lol. Well thanks for clearing that up. Contacting them now.
  12. baboontester

    There is one thing I can't stand....

    TransAMGrafx.Net • Contact board administration Post a violation! Lets get these punks shut down
  13. baboontester

    There is one thing I can't stand....

    Don't waste your time. They will just delete and ban and will have one more member.
  14. baboontester

    There is one thing I can't stand....

    Yeap, I seen that. They ripped the WHOLE carset. I reported their site, if everyone does the same, maybe they will finally get shut down.
  15. baboontester

    Trevor Bayne Raced Version 500 car

    Beautiful! Great job!
  16. baboontester

    Whelen Mod

    Oops. Sorry, I didn't know. lol. Yeah, he gave it to me (probably because I was bugging him about those chrome wheels :p ) Hope I didn't get him "in trouble" :frown:
  17. baboontester

    Where can I find...

    Scott Huhn Designs AKA Deadpool has a few as well. Not the KB schemes, but BR2011 none the less.
  18. baboontester

    Whelen Mod

    Hope this works for ya bud. (scene from ICEMAN)