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NXS20 3D Studio Max Scene MattyO
NXS20 3D Studio Max Scene for Max8 and above.
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NXS20 Car Viewer Files MattyO
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NXS20 Templates 2048 x 2048 MattyO
2048 x 2048 Templates in PSD format.
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Schluter Systems Ford Mustang JNieder51188
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2020 NXS17 Xfinity batch 3 canadienhits
24 Xfinity cars from the 2020 season.
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  1. J.R.Franklin

    Could you help me about Albany-Saratoga?

    According to, when the Cup Series visited there in 1970 and 1971 it is listed as a .362 mile paved oval.
  2. J.R.Franklin

    NXS19 (Now the NXS20) Mod Thread

    Masterful work, gents!
  3. J.R.Franklin

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    It looks a little "boxey" to me. No offense, bud. ;):p
  4. J.R.Franklin

    Our Downloads & Everyone Else's

    No problem and thank you, @MattyO .
  5. J.R.Franklin

    NXS19 (Now the NXS20) Mod Thread

    I see that your a new member here. Well, I can tell you that you're not making a great first impression by coming on here and disparaging the work of other mod makers. Brian Booth, who made the GNS20 mod is a young, up and coming mod maker. He is not only very talented and creative, he's also...
  6. J.R.Franklin

    canadienhits showroom

    Despite all the time you spend debating with me on social media you still can find the time to do all of these??? :p:D Beautiful work my friend.
  7. J.R.Franklin

    NR2003 Replacement

    We also need to have more than 4 car models. Given enough time I can come Up with a list a mile long. :D
  8. J.R.Franklin

    NR2003 Replacement

    If what you are talking about is a sim that is essentially NR2003, BUT with updated and improved features that we don't have currently in NR2003. A sim that would have updated rules, such as the Lucky Dog, lap cars line up behind the lead lap cars on restarts, wave arounds, double file...
  9. J.R.Franklin

    Kingsport Speedway 2020 Progress + Problem

    Yup... an excellent source. Wayne has made a ton of custom objects for our PST tracks. (And you have made quite a few yourself, Carl. ;)) Please feel free to use anything from any of our PST tracks. Just be sure to give us a shout out in your credits when you release a track. :)
  10. J.R.Franklin

    ATTENTION!!! Short Track Lovers!

    Just posted in the downloads section here at SRD are our completely updated day and night versions of one of America's most important short tracks.... STAFFORD Speedway! Both versions received a much needed and long overdue massive graphic and A.I. update by your friends at PROJECT: Short...
  11. J.R.Franklin

    They're HERE! All New STAFFORD SPEEDWAY Day & Night Versions! - They're HERE! All New STAFFORD SPEEDWAY Day & Night Versions!

    PROJECT: Short Track is very proud to release another in our series of short tracks for NR2003 that have played a very significant role in Northeast motor sports over the years.... Stafford Motor Speedway! It's truly amazing how the time has flown by. 16 years ago in 2004, I worked with...
  12. J.R.Franklin

    Kingsport Speedway 2020 Progress + Problem

    I should also state that the centerline doesn't have to be exactly 0.45 mi. in circumstance. It can be larger than that.... just not less than that. Papyrus never intended NR2003 for tracks any less than 0.50 mi., at least not initially. Thankfully Josh "Butter" Guiher came up with a...
  13. J.R.Franklin

    Kingsport Speedway 2020 Progress + Problem

    Butter's Rule means that the centerline (i.e. the purple colored line) for a short track must be no less than 0.45 mi. or 2376 feet. In that Kingsport is a 0.36 mi. oval measured by NASCAR Standards, which is 15 ft. inside the outside wall or outer edge of the track, the centerline must be...
  14. J.R.Franklin

    canadienhits showroom

    Yowza!!! You've been very busy my friend. Everything looks outstanding!
  15. J.R.Franklin

    2019 Stafford Speedway SK Modifieds Car Set by GPD! 2020-05-17

    The Ground Pounder Designs team is pleased to present... the 2019 Stafford Speedway SK Modifieds Car Set for the NR2003 SiModified SK Mod. This extensive set features all of the following: · 29 total Modifieds representing the top 28 drivers and schemes that competed in the 2019...
  16. J.R.Franklin

    Track Editor Help

    Here are the PSD files.
  17. J.R.Franklin

    Track Editor Help

    Here ya go.... ;)
  18. J.R.Franklin

    canadienhits showroom

    Man... those are some beautiful trucks, John.
  19. J.R.Franklin

    Some AI tuning questions

    The answer depends on a number of considerations. In my opinion (for what it's worth), I am less concerned about getting the A.I. to perform at the exact speeds that the real-life cars and trucks do. If I can get them "close enough", I'm satisfied. I'm more concerned with dialing in the A.I...
  20. J.R.Franklin

    canadienhits showroom

    Outstanding job on these, John. Thank you very much, bud. (btw... I didn't happen to notice the #15 truck in the download. Was it excluded for a reason?)