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  1. GDP Racing

    NASCAR finally starting to live stream full races on YouTube account?

    I saw this on my YouTube account and there seems to be a scheduled stream for the 2017 STP 500 on April 2, 2017. What do you think? Is it finally time?
  2. GDP Racing

    NASCAR Non-Electronic Scoring Photo Finishes Shot and Video Thread

    I came out with this idea after watching some photo finishes before electronic scoring was incorporated. There are plenty of exciting photo finishes new NASCAR fans don't know or are out of the Wikipedia list, so it's great for you, the old school fans, to make the new ones know all spectacular...
  3. GDP Racing

    #51 EA Games Dodge Charger

    Here's the car I would race at Darlington, the #51 EA Games Dodge Charger. See if you can guess from which car is based on. :D #NASCARthrowback
  4. GDP Racing

    Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s 14th Anniversary

    Today is the 14th anniversary of the lost of Dale Earnhardt Sr. #NASCAR #RIPDaleEarnhardt #TheIntimidator #AlwaysInOurHearts #RememberingDale
  5. GDP Racing

    Your Ideal NASCAR

    If you were Brian France, what would you keep, add, change or remove from NASCAR National and Home Tracks Series? Here I go: 1. Get rid of the splitter on all divisions where they use one, or at least replace it with a lexan one (which I guess would be nonsense and/or impossible). 2...
  6. GDP Racing

    2015 NASCAR K&N Pro Series Car

    Here's the 2015 NASCAR K&N Pro Series Chevrolet SS. No shots of the Fusion and Camry yet. Apparently this body is optional for the 2015 and 2016 season. Beyond 2017, it will be mandatory. Also, ARCA will use this body as an optional one for short tracks. As a personal opinion, I'm a little too...
  7. GDP Racing

    Ideal NASCAR Bumpdrafting Rules

    After watching the resctrictor plate racing this year so far, specially Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series, many statements came to my mind as how much allowance should be while bumpdrafting and/or tandem-draft. This is not an official statement from NASCAR, this is what I think NASCAR...
  8. GDP Racing

    NASCAR's YouTube channel sharing full Sprint Cup races

    This are great news for us, the fans! Apparently full races will be only available for the remainder of NASCAR's postseason. Let's hope this doesn't become true and believe NASCAR will leave their races uploaded on YouTube forever. I guess most of you already knew this, but I created this thread...
  9. GDP Racing

    Modifying tracks' catchfence

    I was racing at "Talladega_2014" a few days ago and today I decided to race back at "Nazareth_Speedway" (2004) when I was shocked when I saw Nazareth's catchfence, which is huge compare to any other track. Since I'm a great fan of tall catchfences, I would like to bring Nazareth's catchfence to...
  10. GDP Racing

    2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed

    This. Is. Priceless! The enormous amount of mixture feelings I feel while watching this. 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed - Dale Earnhardt's 2000 #3 car Burnout
  11. GDP Racing

    Dale Earnhardt's 13th Anniversary

    Today is the 13th Anniversary of Dale Earnhardt Sr. I just wanna remember him today one more time again. I changed my Facebook profile picture and cover photo to these ones as a little honor to him. Rest In Peace Dale Earnhardt Sr.
  12. GDP Racing

    NASCAR Twitter Discussion

    I created this new thread to discuss and quote NASCAR, drivers, tracks and NASCAR related most hyped, popular, noted and most relevant tweets. If moderators think this is a useless thread, please delete it. Here's one from yesterday about the new Chase: And one from today between Johnson...
  13. GDP Racing

    2013 Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Weekend Discussion

    2013 Ford EcoBoost 200 Entry List 2013 Ford EcoBoost 300 Entry List 2013 Ford EcoBoost 400 Entry List
  14. GDP Racing

    Almirola to drive #41 at Martinsville

    Almirola to drive #41 at Martinsville
  15. GDP Racing

    2013 Sprint Cup - #41

    Almirola to drive the No. 41 Ford this weekend in honor of Maurice Petty
  16. GDP Racing

    NR2003 Questions

    I'm racing at Talladega 2010 Revamped and until the first pit stop I'm pack racing just like real life, but after the first pit stop the pack separates in small groups or these groups run single file. It looks like a real ARCA plate-racing style, I mean single file in separate groups and I would...
  17. GDP Racing

    Low horsepower effect

    I don't know if you knew it but I just discovered that if you set about -300 degrees on a "track.ini" file you can make your car and AI cars go very slow, when ironically what I was looking for was to get the best acceleration. The only problem is that about half of the AI cars drop to the apron...
  18. GDP Racing

    Penske deal with Front Row at Richmond to help Logano?

    Via Jayski: Here's a video from today's NASCAR Race Hub about it. Thanks to Luis Alberto Perez for this:
  19. GDP Racing

    Have you ever...?

    The title says it all. Man, I've watch racing my whole life, pace cars getting hit by race cars, race cars hitting fans and animals, wrecking on the pace laps, and flipping after the checkered flag, but I've never, ever seen this: FPA Flip at Snetterton ????? - YouTube By the way, it's my...
  20. GDP Racing

    NASCAR Cutaway Car Scene

    Here's something I have done a few months ago but I haven't shared it until now. This is similar from the NASCAR cutaway car shown on NASCAR Race Hub and NASCAR Performance. If you keep playing around with 3ds Max and some of its tools you will get amusing results. I hope you like it.