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  1. scottw73

    2014 NWS Contigs

    Does anyone have or know where I can find some 2014 NWS contigs??
  2. scottw73

    Subway aahvocado

    Does anybody have or know where I can find the subway "aahvocado" logo seen on Carl Edwards car??
  3. scottw73

    Ricky Stenhouse Zest Base

    Does anyone have or know where I can get Ricky's Zest Base for 2013??
  4. scottw73

    Mark Martin Decals

    Does anyone have or know where I can find the Chek Drinks and Crackin Good logos that were on Mark Martins #60 Winn Dixie Ford??
  5. scottw73

    Rob Moroso BR12

    Rob had a lot of potential, he was the 1989 Nationwide Champion and was awarded the 1990 ROY after he died. Here is his Crown petroleum scheme for the BR12 Credits: Temp: Bullring Motorsports/SRd Base: Me Logos/Numbers: Masgrafx, Google Render: Tenor
  6. scottw73

    I Thought Outside the Bun......

    and this is what I came up with Credits: Temp: BR Motorsports Base/Numbers: Me Logos: MRD, Google,FRM Render: Tenor I couldn't find his signature, if anyone has it or can tell me where I can find it please let me know.
  7. scottw73

    Milk & Cookies

    Here's a fictional Tony Stewart Ride CREDITS: Temp: BullRing Base: Paint by Rah, modified by me Logos/Numbers: Masgrafx, google Render: Tenor
  8. scottw73

    Gas and Lemonade

    Here are a couple of retro cars I came up with CREDITS: Temp: SRD Bases: I don't remember, they were originally for the Aero88 mod, but i converted them to BR12 Logos: Masgrafx, Deadpool Numbers: Masgrafx, NNR Renders: Tenor
  9. scottw73

    Bringing back a classic

    I've always liked the R&L carriers scheme that Matt used to run, wished they were still a sponsor so I redid his scheme CREDITS: Temp: SRD Base: MRD (Converted to BR by me, it took me forever to line up the stripes) Logo's: Deadpool, Jeeble,Google Numbers: Masgrafx Render: Tenor
  10. scottw73

    Fictional James Buescher

    I think this kid has great potential, and would love to see him in Cup one day, so I came up with a fictional Exide Chevy for him CREDITS: Temp: SRD Base: Chorton (was originally made for CTS09 mod, but modified for BR12 by me) Numbers: Masgrafx Logos: Masgrafx,Google Render: Tenor
  11. scottw73

    Summer just isn't summer without....

    .....SMORE'S CREDITS: Temp: SRD Base: Me Logos: Deadpool/Google Numbers: Masgrafx Render: Tenor
  12. scottw73

    Bass Pro BR12

    Does anyone have or know where I can find Jamie Mac's 2012 Bass Pro Base
  13. scottw73

    Carroll Shelby Tribute Mustang

    My tribute to the late Carroll Shelby Credits: Temp: SRD Base: Me Logos: Google Numbers: Masgrafx Render: Tenor
  14. scottw73


    Here is my GLOCK Dodge, it's based on the Dexter Bean car he drove in the ARCA series. CREDITS Temp: SRD Base: Me Logos/Numbers: Masgrafx,Google,Deadpool Render: Tenor
  15. scottw73

    It's Miller Time!!!

    Here is Brad's 2012 Miller Lite Dodge CREDITS: Temp: SRD Base: Scott Huhn Contigs: MG Castro Logos: NNRacing, Google, Me Numbers: Masgrafx Render: Tenor
  16. scottw73

    Rahmoc Racing 75

    Does anyone have or know where I can get the 75 from rahmoc racing or what font it is??
  17. scottw73

    Retro Randy LaJoie Fina CHevy Nw2011

    Here is 2 time Nationwide Series Champ Randy Lajoie Fina Chevy on a NW2011 Impala CREDITS: Temp: SRD FINA, Piggly Wiggly, Koolaid logos GOOGLE, Base, Numbers and rest of logos by ME Render: Tenor
  18. scottw73

    Star of the American Road

    This is one star that went out way too early, Here is Davey Allison's ride on a NWS Mustang Credits: Temp: SRD Base: Me Logos: Google,Masgrafx Numbes Jeeble Render: Tenor
  19. scottw73

    If America Runs on this

    ....Then Sam Hornish Jr runs on Dunkin Donuts, CREDITS: Temp: SRD Base: JasonRSC(modified by me) Logos: Google Numbers: Masgrafx Render: Tenor
  20. scottw73

    My First NWS2011 Paint

    Here is Dale Jr's Wrangler Impala he won in last years Subway Jalapeno 250 @ Daytona in July CREDITS: Temp: SRD Base: ME Logos: Cartracer3??, Google Render: Tenor