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  1. Numbers

    Video Of my Custom Theme

    ok i was bored and deiced to make a clip of my custom theme:P YouTube - ‪NTG Qualifing @ Vegas‬‏ i just wish the replay editor was better with the camra angles.
  2. Numbers

    Offical Picture Thread(56k warning)

    Micheal Waltrips Impression Of Denny: My Impression Of Denny The OMG WTF wait a min-looks at the deatils of the car- picture. kneeling on the start finish line. or am i?
  3. Numbers

    Some questions

    With the game a few weeks out. there are a few nagging questions. 1. With no DNF's whats keeping us from running full grill tape for maximum aero all the time? 2. What about flag rules? Will we be able to drive like kyle busch and push and shove our way to victory? 3.In season mode will...
  4. Numbers

    Best Crashes Of 2010 season

    While browsing YouTube one day, I came across this channel that deals with nothing but racing wrecks. Much to my surprise they had almost every yellow flag thrown for the 2010 season... Now this is their pick for the top 10 crashes of the 2010 season. YouTube - Top 10 NASCAR Crashes (2010...
  5. Numbers

    My Personal Daytona Test Car

    My personal Daytona Test car. Thanks to James Hodges And Andy1 for the renders. The Numbers Where Made by James Hodges,as well as the template( Honda Logo and hte Mugen Logo are booth from Google. Andy1's Renders: James Hodges Renders:
  6. Numbers

    Render PLease

    This is my Daytona Test car. Goes on the bullring Camery. have fun with rendering it
  7. Numbers

    Indy Revamped Crash

    A little replay i threw together if a AI wreck at your Indy revamped 2010. scott speed seems to hold his speed entering turn 2.... Mod's Used: Bullring HD Reflections Photorealstic Tires Shane's HD upgrade Real Sounds V2(look for it on youtube) i was bored so i set up the race to...
  8. Numbers

    Texas Revamped 2010 Chase Edition

    ... is now out w00t if any of the revamped guys read this this fourm.....great job on the track.
  9. Numbers

    Left 4 Dead Bullring

    here is a little project i started a while back and never got around to finishing. I could never get the green to line up right. so i just left it as is. if anyone wnats to finish it i' ll galdy pass along the PSD for it. so for now hte Left 4 Dead themed Car
  10. Numbers

    Revamped's Altana Night 2010 IS OUT!

    yes..yes it is.go and download it NOW! i am :P Document Details | Atlanta Revamped Night 2010
  11. Numbers

    NR2K3 Crash Videos

    So with my "timeout" from SRD i deiced to take some of the replays i saved and put some of them on youtube. There are no real fancy Camera Angles on eather video,these are just hte defualt TV1 cameras. For some reason the Recorded FPS seems to be a little choppy,i need to figure out how to fix...
  12. Numbers

    Blast From MY past(56k Warning)

    I Deiced to go back in my Skin making past and redo a skin i made years ago(about 3 years iirc) for LFS. Here Is the orginal car. It Never Really got any father then that. Then a few nights ago,i had an idea and i decied i should do that for my next skin. And now with out any...
  13. Numbers

    Get In The Zone

    god im glad im FINALY done with this car...i been working on this car on and off for a few weeks.This is sotra based off the kevin harvicks nationwide car with a little bit of my touch. Template:Learn2burn Logos:Google Masgrafx Contigs: A piller:Bullring B piller TVR Render Andy1 fun fact...
  14. Numbers

    Get in the Zone Render Request

    i would like some renders for my latest bullring car please.
  15. Numbers

    WCCC Logo

    WCCC is my local Hard Rock Station. my next car i was thinking of having it sponsered by i would like this logo cleaned up and made bigger in eather PSD format or transparent PNG.. if at all possable.. please and thank you :D
  16. Numbers

    how much?

    will a full sprint cup series run me? (tracks and what not) im thinking about buying this game in the am and i am wondering what it will cost me money wise.
  17. Numbers

    help with logo placement

    I'm useing the bullring Toyota contig templet,I'm trying to line up the driver side and this happens. (the passanger side I have no problem with that is lined up. but i can't seem to line this up right. im thinking of cutting and pasting the front contigs and lineing just thoughs up manualy.)...
  18. Numbers

    Blood Sets my teeth on edge

    templet:Learn2Burn Render:andy1 Contig;SRD Everything use me After The premire of Dexter this past sunday i decided to do a Dexter Car. Note On the Blood...i did that for a reason. no two blood splatters are alike... enjoy i sotra like how this one came out. but i feel...
  19. Numbers

    logitech Driving Force GT

    is it worth it to get one for this game? i been thinking about this wheel for a while. and with my new infatuation with nascar racing 2003 i think i need to step it up from the X360 contorller im using to something
  20. Numbers

    Bullring Render please?

    of my ford fusion sponsered By Dexter..... have fun with making renders :P