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  1. starsxxx

    Unusual Computer Crashing Problem

    So it has been going on for a while now. My computer will freeze, crash, and reboot after a certain amount of time on track especially in a full field race. Essentially the more cars or rendered objects, the quicker the crashing happen. I am not quite sure what is causing this since this never...
  2. starsxxx

    Looking to get a pc for NR and iRacing

    Hi I am not sure if I am at the right section to post this, but I am looking into buying a computer for these games. I first started looking into building my own computer, but like always I don't trust myself in building and buying compatible parts. If building is going to be the case, then I...
  3. starsxxx

    Races with multiple flips in a wreck?

    So, it is a rare occurrence and they are tough to find. I've been mainly a NASCAR fan and watch that every week, so I once in a while watch other racing series. But it got me thinking in NR2003, flipping cars is extremely easy and I wonder what other races across all other racing series has...
  4. starsxxx

    Dynamic Surface Model Video

    Dynamic Surface Model is to be released by the end of this year. This is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. It will be a game changer and oval racing will finally have something.
  5. starsxxx

    OWR mod

    What is the OWR? Now I do know it is Open Wheel Racing. When I download a track like Chicagoland SDT, in the track ini, i see something called track_owr. Is that OWR for a specific mod or edited EXE? I am confused on that part.
  6. starsxxx

    Any list of codes for the track ini

    I just wonder if there os a list of all possible track ini codes. I sometimes see in many track inis there are some lines I have never seen before for example, ai_wheel_grip. I know there are some parameters that I never seen. Thanks a bunch!
  7. starsxxx


    I think this simulation game is just a flipfest. At least 1 or 2 flips in a race. Having 5 cars flip in a 12 car wreck. Too bad there is nothing we can do about. Has anyone ever felt this way?
  8. starsxxx

    G27 Clamp Problem

    I might be in the wrong forum, but I have a problem with right clamp on the G27. I got the wheel for Christmas and it works great. Starting today, I tried screwing in the right clamp and I heard a pop and a snap. I am sure I wasn't tightening it too tight. Everytime I try to screw it in, the...
  9. starsxxx

    Has Kevin Harvick ever flipped his car?

    I been searching a lot if he ever flipped a racecar. Anyone know if he has? Could he in any kind of autoracing? Maybe a lot of times in games.
  10. starsxxx

    race lp problem

    When I create a race lp at Daytona, the AI will slow down and wreck just before the finish line. How can I fix that.
  11. starsxxx

    Thanks Guys!

    I want say thanks.
  12. starsxxx

    Arca Brakes!?

    I have done a lot searching for a fix for ai car slamming into a stopped car or cars and slowing down about 50 feet away from a spinning car. I want to revise some posts I made about this problem and make it more understandable. So... I am at a super speedway like Daytona. There is not a big of...
  13. starsxxx

    GNS Issue

    I am having a problem with any mod at any track with GNS physics. When I try to load a session, the game crashes. Anyone know a fix for this.
  14. starsxxx

    I think I found something?

    It may have been found and I looked it up, but could not find any results. You can edit arcade setups in simulation mode. If you don't like how your setups handles and only a little bit to work with? Go into C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\tracks\Daytona_SDT_Day(EX. Daytona) Backup the...
  15. starsxxx

    Warming up Tires under Pacelap

    My car always seems at every track that my car seems to break loose while warming up my tires. No matter how tight I can make it. It is controllable, but it does not look realistic. the tires cannot grab in time when I try to warm them up and slip and slide.
  16. starsxxx

    How Can I Get The Most Realistic Speeds?

    I am talking about the Superspeedways, Daytona and Talladega. I am using the Gen 6 and Gen 6 CTS. For the normal cup, I can only get at most 185 mph by myself. For the CTS, I can get about 183 mph. I think that is too slow for realistic speeds. I want to go about 191 mph or something around...
  17. starsxxx

    How can you do better saves?

    The title is the question. I wonder how and want some more tips to save your car when spinning. If I spin I would use like 1/5 of throttle and turn to the way I want to turn. If I am like 45 degrees sideways, I would lock down the brakes and keep steering to the direction I want to go. But my...
  18. starsxxx

    How can I make a mod?

    I have been looking for a tutorial, but i cannot find one. I am talking about making a mod or car and not paint one. I want to make an actual car for the game. Custm creating the stucture and stuff.
  19. starsxxx

    How do I make the AI wreck more often?

    I like to watch the AI race and I don't see the AI wreck. What are some ways I can do to make the AI cause more wrecks? Besides editing the Drafting Distance.
  20. starsxxx

    How can I make Wrecks like this less Frequent?

    Do you guys know how when you come up on a guy next to you and hit the wall and then go over? Like Carl Long?s flip in 2004 or Robby Gordon in 2004. Those wrecks happen a lot to me and the AI. How can I prevent those? They don't happen so often today. Like in the 2013 coca cola 600. When...