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  1. James Hodge

    James Hodge's Showroom

    Since getting back into NR2003 and painting on my Honda template a bit I figured I would start my own showroom thread. Model by SRD (NXS20 mod) and render scenes by Burnout3D. Cayman Jack Margarita Honda Accord #86
  2. James Hodge

    My next fictional NXS20 template will be...

    ...up to you guys! Well, at least you can choose from the list in this poll. Most are going to be an attempt at realism and what a particular manufacturer would really bring to NASCAR. A few others are just some fun ideas and temps that I think would be fun to create. I'll probably end up doing...
  3. James Hodge

    Custom PC Builds

    After being interested in computers for about the last 20 years of my life...I finally built my own from the ground up. I used to just buy pre-built machines from Best Buy (and Circuit City when I worked there before they went under) but due to having a ton of time on my hands and the need to...
  4. James Hodge

    WinMip Issue

    Update: I figured it out; I had my Windows Compatibility Mode set to XP and switching to Windows 8 solved the issue. So I've done some extensive searching on this and I've seen people claim they fixed it...but either they don't say how or I am doing the thing they say to do and still have a...
  5. James Hodge

    Cup2000 Honda Accord Template

    This has been about 2 years in the making since I started this (having kids will do that, it seems) but I finally had a chance to put some finishing touches on it and put it out for release. Enjoy! 2000 Honda Accord Template
  6. James Hodge

    I made a thing.

    And by I, I mean my wife and I. And by a thing, I mean another human being. My daughter Amelia Kaly Hodge was born last night at 8:41pm. 6 lbs 10 oz, 19" and 100% beautiful. I'm still processing the reality of it all and it's all very surreal right now, and wanted to share the good news...
  7. James Hodge

    My New Ride

    My wife and I just bought a new car this past Tuesday. I traded in my '09 Accord coupe and replaced it with this, a 2015 Honda Civic EX-L. It's not the fastest thing around but damn is it nice inside, with a ton of technology that makes my '09 Accord look like the car from the Flinstones. I...
  8. James Hodge

    Cup2000 Honda Accord

    I figure it wouldn't be an NR2003 mod without a Honda template. :) I've started work on a '00 Accord template for the new Cup2000 mod. It helps that my sister in law has one of these so I won't need to scour Google Images for source pictures. I think the front is done (they didn't do nearly as...
  9. James Hodge

    Cycle Gear

    I just received an offer for a job with these guys today, so I decided to whip up a new Gen6 scheme for them. I'm looking forward to the new well as lots of discounts on motorcycle gear!
  10. James Hodge


    My car got rear-ended today while I was driving to work. The guy had been riding my tail way too closely prior, to the point where I had given him a gesture to back off. He did so, but when traffic stopped again...he just kept coming. I called Highway Patrol and made a report, then called my...
  11. James Hodge

    Gender reveal, NR2003 style

    My wife and I just found out the gender of our baby 2 weeks ago, and we held a gender reveal party with all of my closest family and friends. What better way to reveal the news than use NR2003 to do so? Check out the video I made and showed at the party, as well as the video...of the video with...
  12. James Hodge

    Taking Requests

    I've been wanting to get back into the NR2003 tweaking game but am lacking inspiration as to what to tweak. I have a lot of various modifications at my site, and am looking to add to the collection. So, let me know what changes to the game, specifically textures like the ones I've already...
  13. James Hodge

    Give me a brake.

    Here's an oldie but a favorite from my NWS11 Honda days, transfered over to the Gen6 Chevy as my latest offline paint. Kudos to BER for the badass template and SpiderDan for the original render scene I've modified.
  14. James Hodge

    2013 Accord Sedan

    I had stopped by my local Honda dealer this afternoon and decided to go take a look at the number of new '13 Accord sedans they had on the lot. I have to say I was impressed and they are a big step up in quality over the last generation of sedans. The interior was on place they really stepped it...
  15. James Hodge

    A Margarita With A Twist

    I hadn't painted in a while, and found out a new drink while at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk yesterday, and was inspired. If you're of age and like beer and margaritas I recommend it. Never been a fan of Bud Light but this stuff is good. Felt a bit rusty on this one so all...
  16. James Hodge


    Has anyone else played this game? I watched a ton of YouTube videos before playing it myself and thus knew what was coming, and it still scared the crap out of me. I recommend checking it out before knowing too much about it (although it's scary either way). You can download it for free at...
  17. James Hodge

    Green Eggs and Ham Radio

    Or in this case, orange... Another scheme sponsored by a brand I use. I'm a ham radio operator, technician class in following a tradition started with my great grandfather, passed from my grandfather to my dad and then to me. I actually use my great grandfather's callsign. I use a Yaesu...
  18. James Hodge

    New meaning to the term "flash drive".

    Going with another brand following my theme of "things I use every day" for my paint schemes, here's the latest. I've always been a fan of SanDisk and really wanted to do a red car. Head over to RCC to see more renders.
  19. James Hodge

    Stepping Down

    I just wanted to let you all know that as of today I have stepped down from my position on the paint crew. I've decided to focus my attention on my new endeavor with Burnout at Race Car Central. I'll still continue to post as a member, but all downloads that I or the future RCC crew create...
  20. James Hodge

    Opinions on Potential PC Upgrade

    Well, as my current PC is about 5 years old (ancient in computer terms) I think it's time to upgrade. I've never been able to run NR2003 with decent frames on it (avg. of about 15-20) as well as other applications and games running slowly. Here's my specs now: AMD Phenom X4 9500 2.2GHz 6GB DDR2...