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2020 Fictional Soda Wars Carset (MENCS19) DAT Designs
Fictional re imagining of the infamous Soda Wars for the 2020 Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona
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112 2020 NXS17 cars canadienhits
112 2020 NXS17 cars 2020-07-06
112 2020 Xfinity cars for the NXS17 mod painted up by canadienhits
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FreeCamera NascarMan32
A new, working camera editor for NR2003!
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42 - Credit One Bank Camaro - POC2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Credit One Bank Camaro - POC1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. watsonz

    7x Champion Splash Screen

    Welp, it's been a long while since I last posted. Had a pretty neat idea, and I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to pull it off. In the end, it turned out pretty well. Here's a custom splash screen featuring Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, and Richard Petty. Link is below if you want to...
  2. watsonz

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Made a couple mainbacks for the Cup98 and the Cup2000 mods. Had a little fun trying to get the shots, but in the end they look alright. (Too stupid to figure out CCM) I reckon I'll probably make some more of these. Had to lower the image size quite a bit to show y'all, but it wasn't too drastic.
  3. watsonz

    AI coming to IRacing

    This is starting to sound so much like NR2003. I'm excited.
  4. watsonz

    Sam Bass has passed away Unreal.
  5. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #2

    Logano with no scallop scheme = mind blown
  6. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #9

    Shoulda went ALL camo for the MTN Dew car, imo.
  7. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #2

    The Mustang makes this Miller scheme even better...
  8. watsonz

    2019 Showroom

    I love that down-low render scene.
  9. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #4

    This might be one of my favorite Harvick schemes. It's a shame it might get taken out early in the annual derby known as the Daytona 500.
  10. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #6

    I'm such a sucker for matte black cars.
  11. watsonz

    2019 Showroom

    Dammit @DOBBS, why you gotta be so good?
  12. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #8

    Eh, it ain't THAT bad. Ryan Newman's scheme last year sucked.
  13. watsonz

    Horton Designs 2019

    Good work here, bud.
  14. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #2

    Is Miller Lite sponsoring the Daytona 500 car?
  15. watsonz

    2019 Gander Outdoors Trucks - #12

    Whoa, when the hell did the Chevy's change the nose? I'm out of the loop here.
  16. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #48

    Notice how there isn't any A-Pillar tomfoolery...
  17. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #48

    It's trippy, when it's up to speed it'll look like the decals are coming off the car. It's on par with the, "Why HMS, what even is this" category of paint schemes. Although, it atleast catches your eye on the track.
  18. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #17

    The Mustang is the best looking Gen-6 car to date.
  19. watsonz

    2019 Monster Cup - #48

    I think I'll wait til Friday to be fully disappointed.
  20. watsonz

    New IROC Mod?

    A 2004-2006 Superspeedway mod is one I would definitely look forward to. Had no idea it was in the works.