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  1. JRGM78

    Help identifying font

    Hi all, does anyone know if a font like this exists out there, or if it's just a custom thing done? It's from the GTA 5 Stock Cars. Thanks!
  2. JRGM78

    Identifying Font

    Can someone help me identify the font used for the "TOP 10" graphic on the right? It doesn't look like the NASCAR font, so I was curious if anyone knew what font this may be. Thank you!
  3. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #20

    20 for Phoenix. Interstate Scheme!
  4. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #18

    18 for Phoenix. Weird to see SportClips on this car.
  5. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #41

    Solid scheme. Better than the camo IMO. Would've liked to see them incorporate the Production Alliance logo/design into it more.
  6. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #77

    Reed Sorenson for Las Vegas
  7. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #93

    Dude is a massive scam artist. He's been to jail for fraud before. My friend designed this concept and never got paid for it. Big mess. I'd bet my life savings this team never runs.
  8. JRGM78

    2020 Gander Outdoors Trucks - #40

    Ross Chastain Plan B Sales scheme for Daytona
  9. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #49

    Anyone notice the MENCS logo on the quarterpanel? Seems a little bizarre.
  10. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #49

    Did a great job with this one BB. It's got that classic look.
  11. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #18

    IMO a definite improvement on the Zebra. Would like to see this with black numbers and a white outline, just to see.
  12. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #88

  13. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #18

    The scheme just screams "incomplete". I like that they're messing with some different Skittles ideas, since the rainbow design offers a lot of scheme potential. But this..... ehhhhh.
  14. JRGM78

    2020 Cup - #4

    Here's a better look at the potential Busch Light Clash Scheme. Was sent this on Instagram today.
  15. JRGM78

    2019 Monster Cup - #8

    Yikes. That scheme is.... yeah.
  16. JRGM78

    [Teaser] Charlotte Roval 2019 BBMC

    *DW Voice* THIS IS GONNA BE BIG BOYS, BIIIIIIIIIG. Great work. Can't wait to see the final result.
  17. JRGM78

    2019 Monster Cup - #77

    Not just you. However, when you zoom in, you can see it's not. Look at the bottom right 0f the first 7 - you can see some parts of the trailer covering the number.
  18. JRGM78

    2019 Monster Cup - #71

    I re-uploaded it, should be working now.
  19. JRGM78

    2019 Monster Cup - #71

    Please remove this if it is not allowed - but NASCAR Heat 3 did a 2019 Season Update. and this scheme (Car sponsored by Captain D's) was featured. When I asked Ryan if he was running the scheme, he was non committal. I think if NH3 would feature the scheme, we can be reasonably sure it will run.