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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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NXS20 Mustang Template 2048 x 2048 Update MattyO
Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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NXS Mod Cts Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cts Physics
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NXS Mod Cup Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cup Physics
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SRD NXS20 Blender Scene Burnout
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  1. WinstonCup426

    NASCAR Thunder "Fin" Create-A-Car Base 2016-09-02

    Made for the Ford mesh, but should fit others if adjusted. Thanks to Cosmin Ioaneșiu and Team Om3ga for the template work, EA Sports for the original scheme, and Iceman for the awesome render.
  2. WinstonCup426

    #00 Cheetos Dodge 2-Pack 2016-06-19

    Made this car about a month ago. There's two versions: one featuring the logo Cheetos used around the late '90s, and one with the branding they introduced in the early 2000s. Thanks to the companies, Frito-Lay, BrandsOfTheWorld, and the ever so trusty Wayback Machine for the logos, champ4811 for...
  3. nirvanafan

    2001 4WD BGN Carset

    Hi everyone, Long story short i got a new laptop a while ago and have slowly and steadily been collecting all of my old carsets again. Right now i am only missing 1 being the 2001 BGN carset that was on 4-Wide Designs which as many of you know is not around anymore. So anyway my question is...
  4. WinstonCup426

    #24 Jeff Gordon - Pepsi 2001 2016-01-17

    Two versions of Jeff Gordon's 2001 Pepsi car - one with day-glo yellow parts (as it had in the two plate races it ran), and one without (as it looked, IIRC, in practice for Talladega). Same credits as when I did the main Gordon scheme, except for the Pepsi globe by Champ4811.
  5. WinstonCup426

    #24 Jeff Gordon 2001 2015-11-28

    I think I finally fixed every single one of my mistakes on this car. It comes with ratings for the '01 season via NRatings. Thanks to the following. Template: Cosmin, Team Om3ga Base parts: SRD Numbers: BER, Google Logos: Kirbyfighter12, Scott Huhn, Brandsoftheworld, the companies, me...
  6. WinstonCup426

    Jeff Gordon 2001 Precious Metal 2-Pack 2015-10-13

    Two variants of Jeff Gordon's '01 car inspired by those precious-metal diecasts RCCA/Action/Lionel put out. One is gold and one is platinum! Same credits as the first time I posted the Gordon scheme.
  7. WinstonCup426

    #5 Eggo Alternate - Terry Labonte 2015-10-13

    An alternate scheme for Terry Labonte's 2001 car, sponsored by the greatest waffles to ever grace a toaster. Template: Cosmin, Team Om3ga Logos: MasGrafx, Scott Huhn, Brandsoftheworld, the companies, me Pit crew: MasGrafx