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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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NXS20 Mustang Template 2048 x 2048 Update MattyO
Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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NXS Mod Cts Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cts Physics
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NXS Mod Cup Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cup Physics
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SRD NXS20 Blender Scene Burnout
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  1. DAT Designs

    2004 Alternate Schemes Carset (Cup03-05) 1.0

    The 2004 edition of my alternate paint schemes carset series. Race against the familiar faces, teams, and sponsors from the 2004 Nextel Cup Series with re-imagined paint schemes. CREDITS: Painting Program: GIMP 2.10 Mod and Templates: Splash N' Go Graphics Bases: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing...
  2. DAT Designs

    2020 Fictional Soda Wars Carset (MENCS19) 1.0

    Small carset featuring six cars based on the idea of the soda wars being reignited between Coke and Pepsi at this year's Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona. 3 Pepsi HMS cars and 3 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar cars featured on 3 members of the Coca-Cola Racing Family CREDITS: Painting Program: GIMP 2.10 Mod...
  3. DAT Designs

    2023 NASCAR Cup Series Fantasy Silly Season Carset (MENCS19) 1.0

    After about half a year of work, I am proud to present the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Fantasy Silly Season carset. Containing 215 cars (+ a player car) from 55 drivers, you can race my vision of the NASCAR Cup Series circa 2023 in NR2003. Enjoy! CREDITS: Painting Program: GIMP 2.8 Mod and...
  4. Racingfan83

    NASCAR Duff Beer Series (The Simpsons) Carset 2019-07-17

    For the Splash 'N Go Pintys Mod Hey everybody. I decided to embark on a new project sort of like I've seen others such as @burtonbraves and @nj9703 do. The concept of the NASCAR Duff Beer Series is simple: The biggest company in the hit tv show The Simpsons (Duff Beer) is sponsoring a NASCAR...
  5. DAT Designs

    2003-2005 Alternate Schemes Carset Showroom

    WIP carset I'm making for the Cup03-05 mod in which I take the drivers, teams, and sponsors from 2003, '04, and '05 and put my own spin on the paint schemes. CREDITS: Painting Program: GIMP 2.8 Mod and Templates: Splash N' Go Graphics Bases: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing, XaticX Logos: Google...
  6. DAT Designs

    Splash N' Go Graphics 2019 Tucker Motorsports (MENCS19) 1.0

    For MENCS19 mod by Splash N' Go. Carset adds 4 new drivers and 74 new schemes including primary, secondary, and tertiary schemes along with one-offs, Breast Cancer Awareness specials, All-Star Race specials, patriotic cars, throwbacks, and Playoff versions. Car numbers are 03, 04, 25, and 28...
  7. DAT Designs

    2022 NASCAR Cup Series Fantasy Silly Season

    Very recently I released a carset for MENCS19 that was a remaster of a previous carset I had made for MENCS18. It took over 5 months of work and contains 202 cars and is a not-meant-to-be-accurate prediction of what the NASCAR Cup Series will look like in 2022. You can download the carset here...
  8. joeykraus19

    NXS17 Indycar to NXS 2017 1.0

    Full credits included in the downloaded. Credits: Templates from SRD: Logos found using Google, Steak n’ Shake logo from Rogue on Stunod; Numbers from BER and Gravite on Stunod; bases by me, except for the Penske 2 schemes which was made by Antigordo on Stunod, pit crews by me on the BCR War Wagon.
  9. watsonz

    Splash N' Go Graphics Watsonz Silly Season Paints 1.0

    There is about 27 cars in the set. I may add more cars in an update in the future. Feel like I was spending too long on this, but here is a little teaser, I guess. Have fun with it! Mod: MENCS2018
  10. Smoke14

    NROL Aquafina Cup Series Custom Paint Scheme Carset V1

    You will need 7-Zip to extract these cars to your Gen6BR or Gen6BR15 cars folder. These are the custom paint schemes that were used in my NROL Aquafina Cup Series. Credits: BigEvilRacing for the templates and numbers Google Images for the logos Teejay Handley at Th Designs for 25 of the cars Me...
  11. Jonny683

    The Nations Cup 2.0

    The Nations cup! 42 Nations compete to be #1! Play as one of the nations or as your own car! This carset is made for the Original Cup mod, all cars rated 40-60, and all logos were made by hand. They look like crap up close, but at speed they look look great! 2.0 Update! Paints fixed, North...
  12. dalejr88rox

    2015 Fastenal Pro Series Carset 2017-03-01

    To go along side the 2015 Microsoft Cup Series Carset, I now bring you the Fastenal Pro Series Carset for it's inaugural 2015 season. This set includes 77 paint schemes across 32 different teams. The drivers are all rated with some having specific strengths and personalities, as well as pit...
  13. Jonny683

    2017 CRAPcar Carset! 1.0

    Hello Ladies and Gents! Your first question is, "What the hell is THIS?!" Well, THIS is a carset I made. This features many of the Real Life NASCAR drivers, a few fictionals, and a few Alternates. "Why not just call it a NASCAR 2017 carset?" Because I'm trying to be original in some fashion...
  14. WinstonCup426

    The BullRing 2017 NASCAR Coca-Cola Cup Series (Fictional Set) 2017-01-16

    What if things turned out a little different heading into the new NASCAR Cup season? This fictional set is for the Gen 6 BR15 mod and comes with a roster file. Credits are in the picture.
  15. NinjaPanther42

    Ninjapanther42's Gatorade Top Tier Series

    This is my new fictional series. I have seen alot of positive criticism on here. That is to say more constructive comments that encourage me to keep painting. I am a beginner painter and just do this for a bit of fun outside of my busy life. NOW let's get to the series itself. This series will...
  16. dalejr88rox

    2015 Microsoft Cup Series Carset 1.0

    The complete carset for the 2015 Microsoft Cup Series for the BR Gen 6 15 mod! This is a series I've been running offline for myself for years now, so I decided I would share my newest carset with you all. Included is 188 cars across 54 drivers, all of which are rated and certain cars are made...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] Noob Importing Car sets question

    Just starting playing NR2003 this weekend and love it. I've started downloading tracks and mods. I have the ASA90, Aero88, Cup90, BR15 and the TransAm Mod. I'm having issues bringing in carsets. Say the 1992 TransAm Carset or the 91 BGN carset. I'm not sure where they should be going after I...
  18. watsonz

    Watsonz Showroom

    This showroom consists of fictional cars that I design, as well as custom mainbacks. I hope you enjoy!
  19. jeremeymcdude

    MSCA Casey's Cup Carset 1.0

    A carset of a fictional series known as the Midwest Stock Car Association Casey's Cup Series. It has a total of 36 drivers and was painted completely by me and uses various different makes and models of templates that I found searching through various NR2003 Websites. It is compatible with the...
  20. frow78

    1989 CART Carset *Fictional* 1.0

    1989 Version of the fictional Open-wheel series. Battle Indycar greats such as Scott Pruett and Raul Boesel in a fight for the championship. Credit goes to Google for logos, makers of the original OWR07 for the mod/templates, and fontspace for some of the #'s. All cars come with a custom rating...