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07 DAVID STAR - TEXAS II daniele
Templates SRD, Render Burnout/Blender, numbers BER, numbers BER, ratings and new box me.
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM2 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - DAR1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. D

    Dodge Motordrome

    Hey Guys!! Just out of curiosity, is there anyone who can share a link, file, etc... for the Dodge Motordrome speedway? Ive done my best looking for it everywhere on the internet. Thanks! Dave
  2. Matt Baker

    MichiganMB_2019 2019-12-15

    Michigan International Speedway 2019 is available to download! Did a very extensive overhaul of the track from the 2017 version. Below, in no particular order are the updates that were made: Track Geometry: Removed the banking transition for the less banked bottom lane of the track in the...
  3. G

    An easy Track-Renaming-Tool

    I am a big fan of a common naming on track directories. However, since SDT, FSE, SBP and other projects have totally different naming standards, I have built myself a small renaming tool. (Unfortunately, you can not just rename the track directory and everything is fine. Thats because the name...
  4. seanaaronfay

    datx & makedat – "The file name or extension is too long"

    I have been trying to test out my hand in making track edits. When I'm finished editing a track, and want to pack the track back up, I try to use makedat so I have the ability to fully customize what I want/don't want in the .dat file. However, whenever I highlight what I want packed, and try to...
  5. Mystical

    Armory Digital Superspeedway 2017 Edition 1.0

    3 years ago Armory Digital Superspeedway opened its doors to racing leagues and series all across the NR2003 community. In that time the track has received overwhelming respect and enjoyment by many. I personally never expected the track to be so well received and used so often by this many in...
  6. RacerXero84

    Dodge Motordrome (TSS conversion) 2017-05-25

    A total graphic conversion of Taylor Swift Superdome, now named for its namesake, Dodge Motordrome.
  7. MDLDesigns

    Looking for help developing a track concept for NR2003

    So I have this idea for a 3.5 mile superspeedway with an infield RC called Northwestern Superspeedway that I have drawn up but I'm not a pro at track making/editing and would really appreciate some help/guidance in making this bad boy come to life in NR2003. Below is a rough but accurate concept...
  8. CoyDoesMCPE


    I can't find any NR2002 tracks. Anytime I find a NR2002 track link, it would be a dead link. Can anyone help me out?
  9. Mystical

    Yas Marina Circuit 1.0

    The Dubai Dream is Real (Preface) This is a one time deal for me. I think everyone who knows me in the community is well aware I do not paint schemes off of real cars and I do not make tracks that exist in real life. I prefer the fictional setting because that is the freedom in where my love...
  10. frow78

    1987 Rockingham 2015-08-20

    This is a heavily edited version of PAPYRUS' version of North Carolina, made to look as it was in the late 80's. Credit to Google and thunder98 for the logos, and Sandbox for the editing software. Updates include revamped .ini for Aero88 (CTS), many new .mips, and a functional pit road on the...