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Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by BAMA92, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. BAMA92

    BAMA92 New Member

    I have been told that Sim Racing Design is working on the new car Mods for the Nationwide and Cup cars for 2011, since both will be changing considerably. Someone responded to one of my posts somewhere else and indicated that I could find pics for the 2011 Nationwide cars in the Sim Racing Designs' forum, unfortunatelly I browsed the forum and can't find the pics. can someone please post the link so I can access it.

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  2. hijinxtattoo

    hijinxtattoo asleep at the wheel

    in the nr2003/nationwide forum
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  3. BAMA92

    BAMA92 New Member

    Thanks, but I can't find the nr2003/nationwide forum. can you send me a link. There are so many posts that I am not able to get to the link.

  4. Ryan81398

    Ryan81398 92 Wins and Counting

    Here's a picture from the Nationwide Mod Part II forum, orignally posted by Matt O'Reilly:

  5. BAMA92

    BAMA92 New Member

    Thanks. It looks great, but I want to be able to access the entire Nationwide 2011 forum, could you send me a link.
  6. Finishline

    Finishline New Member

  7. Ryan81398

    Ryan81398 92 Wins and Counting

  8. BAMA92

    BAMA92 New Member

    Thanks, I'll try it
  9. Sage

    Sage New Member


    You could have saved yourself all of this time and aggravation by simply going to the Home Page (it's the link up on the top bar that says 'HOME') and scrolled down to the 'NASCAR Racing 2003 Season By Papyrus' section. Right there at the bottom is the link to the 'Nationwide Mod' Forum. I don't see how they could make it any easier to find.
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  10. BAMA92

    BAMA92 New Member

    Thanks to all of you for the responses. The cars are looking great.
  11. TLmac55

    TLmac55 New Member

    Dude relax he said he went there and couldn't find it for some odd reason. I'm not attacking you but every time i see you post it's always to tell someone to do something themselves :) lol
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  12. Sage

    Sage New Member

    Then I guess you missed all of those posts where I directed someone to what they were looking for (with a link), explained how to do something (in detail) or created a logo for someone. For free! And, mind you, that is what I get paid to do for a living. Yeah, I've been known to tell people to 'do it themselves' but not in the way you intimate...that I'm 'blowing them off'. It's more that I can see the potential they have shown in their previous work and I'm trying to push them to expand their skills.

    Time and again I see people come here (especially new ones) all excited and hyped up on Ding-Dongs & taco sauce and immediately jump right in with where can I get this. And this. And this. Now, I fully understand being a newbie and not knowing where everything for NR2K3 is located on the web, but when what you're asking for is right here in the downloads...well, that just tells me that all you want is for someone else to do everything for you and then just hand to you on a pretty plate. In the case of BAMA92 all he kept asking for, time and again, was a link. If you're going to glance at a web page like you're graduate of the Evelin Woods Speed Reading Academy then I guess, no, you aren't going to see what you're looking for. By his own admission, 'There are so many posts that I am not able to get to the link.' That tells me he wasn't taking the time to see what he was looking at. In other words...slow the eff down!

    But you what? Your opinion of me really doesn't matter to me all that much. If you don't like what I have to say then when you see my avatar you should probably just skip my post. I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of deliberately hurting anyone's delicate little sensibilities.
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  13. hijinxtattoo

    hijinxtattoo asleep at the wheel

    Man i could use a taco.

    SRD's site makes it easy to find forums and if all else fails theres a search box. Hell google will take you to it. This thread is a waste of site space and resources, I think that is the main point Sage is implying.
  14. ongias25

    ongias25 Well-Known Member

    You probably do have to eat.....spending all that time on your awesome soundpacks! thanks for your efforts
  15. hijinxtattoo

    hijinxtattoo asleep at the wheel

    thanks man, glad your enjoing them thats why we make them. The only Taco Bell we had on the island shut down a year ago. How dose that happen?
  16. Wildling

    Wildling Well-Known Member Administrator

    It's funny, because I feel the same way as Sage does. And usually he posts something before I do, or usually I just ignore it and move on(Years of seeing the same trend you tend to ignore the same questions).

    It get's extremely annoying day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year of seeing the same questions being asked over, and over, and over again. When it comes right down to it, a simple search or taking an extra 5 minutes to look would usually answer any, and all questions for a newbi coming here for the first time.

    For a more established member, in my view there is no excuse asking questions in which a search of the forums would answer them. Right off the bat I get annoyed with that.

    Maybe it's our age Sage? :huh:
  17. HoosierDaddy

    HoosierDaddy New Member

    I think Sage is right. I mean, I can understand asking where something is that you can't find. I imply that you have looked. I look for things and can't find them, so I ask. Or, with sound packs, I ask which is more preferred, etc. I hate the ones that have 2 posts and just want someone else to do the leg work. Like with my scenes and someone asks, "Hey, can you change this." or "Can you make this?". Etc. It's like, for once, do it yourself and I'll help. But damn, do the work.
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  18. Frigus5

    Frigus5 Proud Fan of Romain Grosjean

    Chiming in here:

    When I was a newbie, I would ask these lame questions because I didn't know the sim racing community well. I think that could possibly have something to do with it.

    Although, now looking at it, it says BAMA92 registered 4 years ago...that, does not qualify as a newbie. So there is really no excuse for asking for something to be done for you, even when it is right in front of you.

    My two cents.
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  19. David24

    David24 Well-Known Member

    It is funny, because I made a tutorial yesterday about downloading and installing car files and mods into a fresh NR2003 install after seeing countless threads about the same exact problem, quote "day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year"

    So I'm just wondering if the tutorial ever got approved lol
  20. TLmac55

    TLmac55 New Member

    Dude once again you need to just chill. I have a lot of respect for you and you have helped me out a lot here just like everyone else has and i know you help ppl for FREE. Everyone does. My opinion of you is that your a good helping person but every now in then instead of just saying here it is BUT NEXT TIME ect ect ect sometimes you do the find it yourself thing first. I understand how sometimes it gets annoying but it seems like some times every now and then when someone asks more than once in a thread you come in with the above said comment. Like i said I respect you a lot, hell i even use your website for logos. What I'm trying to get at is it's not like i just magical found your website. I needed to be directed to it at some pt by some one. Just like you told me to skip your posts if i see your name ,which i don't wanna do cuz you bring great input and ideas to this site, you could very easily skip posts when ppl are "getting on your nerves" But hey it's a free world and ya do what you want! Btw if you didn't realize my :) when i made my first comment i was kinda just saying it as a joke. Ya know a little funny ha ha. Just trying to bring some smiles to the community guys! Ppl seem to get so offended so quick when some times, like in my case, a certain comment isn't intended to be offensive.In the end we're all in the same boat! :)
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