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2017 MENCS render

Discussion in '3dsMax Help or Questions' started by JNieder51188, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. JNieder51188

    JNieder51188 Well-Known Member

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    In the picture would anyone know what would cause the awful blob around the number on the door. I've tried several different things such as rotating the camera and where it targets, and also rotating the bowl that is used in the scene.

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  2. LordMejia

    LordMejia Well-Known Member

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    [Quote = "JNieder51188, mensaje: 788.960, miembro de: 36092"] En la imagen se entenderá lo que causaría la mancha horrible alrededor del número de la puerta. He intentado varias cosas diferentes, tales como la rotación de la cámara y cuando tenga por objeto, y también girando el recipiente que se utiliza en la escena. [/ Quote]

    This particular point is a problem that brings this scene, I solved it by adjusting the geometry by editing the properties in polygon mode, move smoothly so that the planes do not cross each other

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