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2019 Bojangles' Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway Race Weekend Discussion

Discussion in 'NASCAR Discussion' started by BrendonH12, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong Moderator

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  2. Mystical

    Mystical Always 110%

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    Was wishing for a caution at the end. Larson probably could have had a chance at the win for sure on the restart.
  3. Virox6549

    Virox6549 Well-Known Member

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    Erik. Fucking. Jones. :)
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  4. JeffJordan

    JeffJordan My name is no longer Jeff Jordan

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    Erik Jones' win means that all four Gibbs cars have won for the first time since 2016, when every driver recorded a win in the first 12 races. Hendrick also had four drivers in a race in the first 12 races in 2007 and won 9 of those races.

    If Busch held onto second, this would have been the third consecutive 1-2 finish at Darlington for a team. Hamlin and Busch took the top two spots in 2017 and Keselowski and Logano did so in 2018.

    Jones led 79 laps, the most he led in a single race in just over two years. He led 260 at Bristol in 2017, and his next highest total was 64 at Texas in 2018.

    This is the second race in a row that the leader of the most laps held the lead only once and didn't win the race. DiBenedetto did that at Bristol.

    All four current JGR drivers have won a race at Darlington (Kyle Busch, 2008; Denny Hamlin, 2010, 2017; Martin Truex Jr., 2016; Erik Jones, 2019) Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards also won for JGR, in 2013 and 2015. If you count FRR, JGR and its affiliates have won 7 of the past 11 at Darlington, and 4 of the last 5.
  5. db512

    db512 2011 SRD Cup Series Champion

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    Here is another quick stat looking ahead to Indy. If Kyle Busch wins Indy JGR will have won all 4 crown jewel events in the same season with 4 different drivers.

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