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2019 SRD SuperTruck Series Rules and Information

Discussion in 'SRD Camping World Truck Offline League' started by MWick4, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. MWick4

    MWick4 SRD SuperTruck Series Director

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    Here's how the 2019 SRD SuperTruck Series Offline League is going to work:

    Mod: CWS2015 mod from Om3gA Racing.

    Truck Templates and Approved Manufacturers and Models:
    For 2019 we will be moving on from the standard (and kinda outdated) Om3gA templates on to a more 2019 look. The only approved templates will be the 2019 Chevrolet Siverado (v 1.2), 2019 Dodge RAM, 2019 Ford F-150, and 2019 Toyota Tundra. All of these were created by Bill1947 over at Stunod. If you need a link PM me.

    Race Schedule:
    There will be 16 races for the season, with four road course races, four short track races, four speedway races, and four superspeedway races. The regular season will run ten races with the playoffs consisting of the final six races of the season.

    Daytona Duels:
    For 2019 I've decided to look for ways to shake the series up a bit and add a little more excitement. So, we will be running Duel Qualifiers to set the lineup for the season opener at Daytona.

    After qualifying at Daytona has concluded the field will be split up by even and odd qualifiers. Odd qualifiers (inside row) will race first followed by the even qualifiers (outside row). The pole-sitter and outside pole-sitter will be locked into their positions and not affected by the outcome of this race. For the rest of the field it will set their starting position for the main race.

    Oh.... did I mention these duels will run on the Daytona Battle at the Beach Short Track?
    - Due to this, teams will be allowed to bring an extra short-track tuned truck to compete in the duels.

    Teams/Team Ownership:
    I would like to have a field of 32 trucks or more, we had 29 at the end of last season so I'd love to see some new faces. Teams may field UP TO three trucks. Teams that participated in the 2018 season will have first claims to 2019 team positions.
    "One-Offs" and Part-Time: Teams with three full-time teams will be eligible to run a fourth truck for "one-off" or part-time efforts so long as each driver in the truck runs eight or less races.​

    Remaining open team positions after a set amount of time will be filled by new teams wanting to join the series. This will be largely at a first-come, first-served basis. I reserve the right to determine priority for more active members, or those that have been on or owned a team in the SRD SuperTruck Series in previous years.

    Rookies to the SRD Offline Leagues will not be eligible to own their own team and must sign with another. You must have completed at least one season of competition in any of the four SRD Offline Leagues or have 1,000 posts to be eligible to own your own team.

    Anyone, regardless of post count, can participate in the SRD SuperTruck Series as a driver. It is heavily preferred that all team owners be an active participant here in the boards at Sim Racing Design. All drivers must be registered users on SRD.

    Race distance will be 50% maximum.

    Sponsorship and Schemes:
    There will be no limit on sponsorship in 2019. Teams are free to run what they wish, although it is encouraged to be creative and not just go with the same-old, same-old.

    There is no limit on paint schemes for drivers in 2019. If you wish to run a different scheme for each race have at it. I will go by a paint scheme schedule if you provide it, if not your schemes will be shuffled at random.

    Contingency Decals: Each truck will be required to carry the official SRD SuperTruck Series contingency decal. There will be NO pole award contingency. Teams MUST have the following: Official SRD truck, SRD SuperTruck Series logo, Sunoco fuel logo, and if running rookie of the year; SRD Rookie of the Year contender logo. I will NOT accept any truck that does not have these mandatory logos. Any other contingency sponsors you want to use are entirely up to you.

    SRD Cup and NNS drivers will be allowed to participate and run for series points.

    Driver Ratings: Each driver will be allowed to choose a rating set based on track type, or balanced ratings for all track types. Here's how the ratings will work:

    Road Course: Road course ratings set at 75/90. Short track, speedway, and superspeedway ratings set at 65/80.

    Short Track: Short track ratings set at 75/90. Road course, speedway, and superspeedway ratings set at 65/80.

    Speedway: Speedway ratings set at 75/90. Road course, short track, and superspeedway ratings set at 65/80.

    Superspeedway: Superspeedway ratings set at 75/90. Road course, short track, and speedway ratings set to 65/80.

    There will be no balanced option.

    Pit crews will be 10-100.

    Aggression, Consistency, Finishing, and Qualifying along with Aerodynamics, Chassis, Engine, and Reliability will all be set at 50-70 BUT you will be given a 2, 4, 6, and 8. In both groups of ratings, you will pick one number to put with each individual category. (Example: Aggression gets 2, Consistency gets 4, Finishing gets 6, Qualifying gets 8. Same goes for the other four.) The number you choose will be added to both the MIN and MAX ratings for your car. This is being done to continue to rely less solely on being random, but more towards strategy.

    Participation Boost:
    For every FIVE races (until the following race thread opens) that you make at least one post in you will receive one bonus point to the min/max of all eight stats, as well as to each track type. That gives you the possibility to have THREE bonus points heading into the finale at Homestead if you participate in every race.

    2019 SRD Truck Series Participation-1.jpg

    Championship Format:
    The SRD SuperTruck Series will use the playoff championship system similar to the one used in NASCAR.

    There will be 8 participants entering the Playoffs. Race winners will receive an automatic bid, if there are more than 8 winners in the first 10 races the tiebreaker will be each driver's place in the series points standings. Drivers must compete full-time to be eligible for the Playoffs.

    After the first three races, the bottom two Playoff contenders will be eliminated. 6 will advance to the next round.

    A win by a Playoff driver will automatically advance them into the next round.

    Two races after that, the bottom 2 remaining Playoff contenders will be eliminated. The final 4 contenders will compete for the championship. Highest-finishing of the Championship 4 will be the champion.

    Stage Racing:
    Stage racing will return for the 2019 SRD SuperTruck Series season.

    Races will be split into two stages.

    All points-eligible drivers will be able to earn Stage points at the end of the 1/2 mark of each event. Stage points will be awarded to the top 10, with the leader getting 10 Stage points and 10th place getting 1 Stage point. 1 Playoff point will be awarded to the stage winner if they are eligible to make the Playoffs.

    An additional 5 Playoff points will be awarded to any points-eligible race winner.

    There will be NO Stage or Playoff points awarded at Homestead-Miami.

    Green-White-Checkered Procedure:
    In the event that a race was to end its regulation distance under caution, a Green-White-Checkered finish procedure will be used.

    1. All drivers on the lead lap, along with the highest-running driver off of the lead lap will be given 15 minutes to repair their cars as much as they can.
    2. All other lapped cars will be eliminated from contention. Finishing position will be determined by where the driver finished at the end of regulation.
    3. There will be as many Green-White-Checkered attempts given as needed to finish the race under green flag conditions.
    4. In the event of a second, third, etc. attempt at a Green-White-Checkered finish. The next highest driver off of the lead lap at the end of regulation will either get back on the lead lap (if only 1 lap down), or get a lap back (if 2+ laps down). This process repeats itself with every attempt made until all cars that were off the lead lap but still running at the end of regulation is on the lead lap.
    5. After the white flag is taken, the next flag will end the race since drivers race back to the caution anyway.

    Championships Awarded: There will be four separate championships awarded at the end of the season: driver's championship, rookie of the year championship, team championship, and manufacturer's championship.

    Rookie of the Year Award: This award is reserved for those who have never competed in the truck series before.

    Any driver who has competed in the SRD Cup Series before will be grandfathered in and ineligible for ROTY.

    Expect to see a schedule as well as sign-ups and a flat thread coming within the next few days.


    1024: http://www.mediafire.com/file/arhkmqdq945cm25/SRD_Truck_Contigs_2019_1024.psd/file

    I reserve the right to make any changes to rules at any time. This thread may be updated over time.

    Thanks to Zack, James, and John for parts of the information.

    19 Chevy Preview.jpg
    SRD Ford Preview 19.jpg
    19 RAM Preview.jpg
    2019 Toyota Preview.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  2. MWick4

    MWick4 SRD SuperTruck Series Director

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    Original post has been updated to include the official series decal set. Reminder, the SRD SuperTruck Series, SRD Race Truck, and Sunoco decals are required for everyone. SRD Rookie Contender and rookie stripes are required for all rookies. Any other contigs you want to use is up to you.
  3. MWick4

    MWick4 SRD SuperTruck Series Director

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    Due to templates being taken down over at Stunod please PM me if you need them.
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  4. MWick4

    MWick4 SRD SuperTruck Series Director

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    Just a reminder of a rule change made this season, if you have previous experience in the SRD Cup Series you will not be considered a rookie and thus be ineligible to run for Rookie of the Year in the SuperTruck Series.
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  5. MWick4

    MWick4 SRD SuperTruck Series Director

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    After disucssion with a team owner I've amended the three-team rule to allow space for teams to run a one-off/part-time ride if they wish

    I also added the Participation Chart to the rules thread, I will update it every week as well as post it in each race thread. The window to get a participation point for a race closes when the next race's thread opens.
    For Example: Anyone that hasn't made a post in the Daytona thread already has until either Wednesday or Thursday when I open the Rockingham thread to do so, after that I won't count it.
    - Liking posts does not count as participation.​

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