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A question for you all ...

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by Bottlenose, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. Bottlenose

    Bottlenose Guest

    Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but here goes.

    Are Craftsman Trucks supposed to be included in Nascar Racing 2003 Season? I never owned the game when it came out and the price of it now is well beyond what I can afford at the moment, (unless someone knows where to get them for less than the $100 price it seems to go for these days).

    I ended up finding a copy of it uploaded on a bit torrent site and downloaded it. After much coaxing, I finally got it to run and I have to say it is an AWESOME sim. The problem is I have no manual and am blindly poking through it learning as I go.

    I see all the awesome truck models folks like you have created and would love to be able to race them. I just can't seem to find where in the game you can access trucks from.

    I apologize if that was a stupid question and before anyone decides to undress me for dl'ing pirated software, I know. Hopefully in the near future I'll have the funds to get a real copy of the game, but at the moment, 2 sets of braces for the kids and getting one through college is kicking my wallets ass. :)

    Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to offer help!
  2. JasonRSC

    JasonRSC Former SRD Crew Member

    Likes Received:
    Just to be clear, we do not support pirating software.....

    Now that we got that out of the way, you can find the Craftsman Truck and Busch Series mods over at Masgrafx.com under the "Project Wildfire" section. You need to install the patch before installing them....which can be found here.

    Make sure you install them in this order....
    1) Official patch
    2) Busch Series Mod
    3) Craftsman Truck Series Mod
  3. Bottlenose

    Bottlenose Guest

    Thanks so much for the replies!

    My crime of dl'ing pirated software came with it's own built in punishment. Being a cracked version, the patch will not install, thus it seems I will not be able to install these mods.

    I guess for now I'll have to settle for just running the cup cars and try to squirrel away some money and get a legit copy, (which I would prefer anyways, just damn .... $100!! ouch).

    I do thank you guys for the help and for not torching me about the download. :)
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