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Anguish's Showroom

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by Saan Anguish, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

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    Bingo! The 8 is a little off (I just used the font of the 2), but overall it still looks pretty good in my opinion.
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  2. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

    Likes Received:
    First things first, I forgot to credit everyone that helped me with fonts for my last showroom update... thanks again guys!

    Now, on to my paints for the 4th season of the USORL Cup Series. Initially I planned to switch to Chevy, run an unsponsored Camaro at Daytona, and then only run plate races or none at all. However, I signed on with the newly formed DOW AMG Racing and was set for a full season in the #27 Camaro. I brought Tonka on board, other AMG sponsors hopped on board as well. Credit to Noah for the renders.

    Tonka - multiple races
    This scheme was inspired by the 2017 Toyota HiLux Tonka Concept truck, and was probably one of my favorite schemes to make.


    Grainger - multiple races

    I kept it simple with this scheme, and went the Ryan Newman route. Why fix it if it ain't broken?


    Napa Power Premium Plus - One off
    Adam painted the base layers for this beauty - all I did was changed the colors. I chose the colors with the #56 Napa Batteries scheme in mind.


    United Rentals - multiple races

    This scheme look familiar? It's a nod to my Valvoline #6 scheme that I've used since S1. Never forget where you came from.

  3. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

    Likes Received:
    Part Two

    Juniper Networks V1 - One off
    This scheme started out white with a variety of design elements relating to Juniper or networking/technology in general.

    Then, I changed it to blue. I was also pretty happy with how this one turned out as well.

    Juniper Networks V2 - One off
    As it turns out, Adam also painted up a beautiful Juniper base as well. Since both cars looked sharp, it was decided that both versions would run.

    TireRack.com- multiple races
    I honestly wasn't sure what direction to go with this sponsor, so I looked at previous bases I've done for N3, and found one that I thought would fit pretty well. In fact, the base I used is actually my stockcar interpretation of a request I got for the scheme from the 2012 Audi R18 Ultra car. It's not exact by any means, but I love it.

    Stay tuned for the Patriotic schemes, the band scheme, and the throwback!
  4. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong

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    Man, these schemes look awesome, Sean! Great work by you and all involved!
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  5. Darren Ingram

    Darren Ingram Well-Known Member

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    That's my teammate. Supeream. :D
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  6. Tetronix

    Tetronix Winner of Most Pepsi Consumed in a Year

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    Holy man the blue and black/green Juniper cars are hot. Can't forget the TireRack scheme, that one looks good too.

    Some really nice work in here Sean!
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  7. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

    Likes Received:
    Thanks for the kind words everyone! Now, on to the special schemes.

    Band Scheme - Atreyu
    I saw that Atreyu was going on tour this year, and I've had one of my favorite albums of theirs stuck in my head for a few days now. The album came out in 2007, and I probably first heard it in '09 I think? Needless to say, it made the most sense to put in on a car (much like I did back in '09 or '10 for N3 when I was jamming out to it lol). Grainger is the sponsor for the race, and after getting the okay from the band, they agreed to let us wrap the car in the "lead Sails Paper Anchor" album art, which I have dubbed "Leads Sail Paper Grainger".


    Patriotic Theme - Tonka
    This scheme is a camo version of the primary. Initially we had two patriotic races scheduled, so I painted this scheme to initially run on Veteran's Day, but will likely now run at a different Tonka backed event.

    Patriotic Theme - TireRack.com
    This scheme is a patriotic version of the primary, with 25 stars on each side. This is the scheme now scheduled to run at Daytona on Veteran's Day. I'll be out of town though, so it will likely fill in at another TireRack backed race.

    Throwback - Tonka
    This scheme was a given, and I absolutely love how it turned out. One does not simply run a #27 Tonka car and not throw back to this gem.

    Bonus Scheme - BlueHawk/Lowe's
    Earlier in the season, we were in talks with getting BlueHawk/Lowe's on the car for one race - however, the deal fell through. Adam did a lovely job on the original base, I simply recolored it.

    That's a wrap on my USORL Cup schemes. Thanks for looking everyone!
  8. Ceafus 88

    Ceafus 88 Well-Known Member

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    Beautiful work! That Grainger car is definitely my favorite!
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