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Car Requests Guidelines

Discussion in 'iRacing.com Motorsports Simulations' started by JasonRSC, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. JasonRSC

    JasonRSC Former SRD Crew Member

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    If you would like the painters here at Sim Racing Design to create a car for you, you must first read and understand the rules. All posts in this forum will be moderator-approved. If you can't read or are too stupid and/or lazy to read the rules, then we will not allow your request to be posted. If one of the Sim Racing Design crew members or another painter at these boards is willing to paint your request, we will post a reply stating so.

    Request form/thread was copied over from the NR2003 request forum. The same is still relevant but some added rules are now in place.

    1) You must provide links to USABLE logos; especially if it is an un-common sponsor. Tiny-ass jpg or gif files on a website somewhere just won't cut it. Also, let us know what contingency decals you would like or provide them if this is for a league.

    2) Please be specific on what you want. Colors you like, secondary & b-pillar decals, etc. It could save me a lot of time. Just saying something along the lines of "#65 mountain dew chevy nextel conts" will just be ignored.

    3) Re-read and understand rule #2 as it is VERY important.

    4) Use the "Request Form" below and fill in all of your information.

    5) Please post that the files have been received so we can close the thread and move on to other requests OR post a message stating that said request is DONE.

    6) This is a moderated forum. Do NOT submit your request twice. Also, if your request is approved, do not "bump" your thread or ask why your request hasn't been accepted by anybody. If your request isn't approved within a week's time, you can assume that it's been deleted.

    7) Do not take advantage. Requesting more than one car/truck at a time is not appreciated and will lead to your request being deleted. Also, posting your request on multiple message boards will get your request deleted from SRD.

    8) Any threads 3 months old with no activity of any kind will be deleted. Any attempts to bump up the request will also result in your request being deleted.

    9) Please provide the template needed for your car in zip,rar,7z format and attach it to your request. In case the person painting your car does not have the template, they are going to need it to do your request. Painting templates for iRacing can also be found in the iRacing member forums in the General Painting Discussion area. :)

    10) Paint requests are free of charge at SRD. Those who come here and are trying to make money will be banned without warning.

    DISCLAIMER: Sim Racing Design is under no obligation to paint requested cars. We are doing this as a service to the sim community. If your car does not get painted and you decide to complain about it, you will be warned. I also reserve the right to add rules if certain situations arise.

    Sim Racing Design Car Request Form
    Driver Information
    Driver Name|
    Email Address|
    Team Name|
    Team Website URL|
    Time Frame Needed|
    Car Information
    Car Type (Class A Impala, Silverado, Dallara, etc.)|

    Paint Scheme Information
    [ ] TGA file
    [ ] Layered file

    Primary Sponsor|
    Website URL|

    Secondary Sponsor|
    Website URL|

    Other Sponsors|
    Website URL|

    Primary Color|
    Secondary Color|
    Additional Information

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