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CNN host Chris Cuomo confronts man who called him "Fredo"

Discussion in 'Politics/Religion' started by dacinch8, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. dacinch8

    dacinch8 Striving on Sweet Iced Tea

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    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  2. RacerXero84

    RacerXero84 Obnoxious old fart

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    Selective outrage.
    It was ok when Takai used it in comparison to Trump in 2017, but now its taboo?

    Yeah. Ok.

    Also, can we not tarnish a great set of films like the Godfather?? That'd be great.
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  3. J.R.Franklin

    J.R.Franklin Well-Known Member

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    He's a hero of the Left. CNN and the Left must be so proud of him after this. :rolleyes:
  4. JNieder51188

    JNieder51188 Well-Known Member

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    Its ironic that he had Ana Navarro on his show calling DJT Jr Fredo and at the time he didn't bat an eye, but all of a sudden he has complete meltdown. Yea the instigator is an a-hole, but Cuomo playing the race card for this is stupid dumb. Seems like everything lately is "racist". Also seems like a lot of things from prominent people on the "left" keep getting blatantly shot down as hypocritical. I mean wasn't it Maxine Waters that told people at a rally to confront Rs in the streets. Its all funny and sad at the same time how politics have gotten.
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  5. nascarfreak88

    nascarfreak88 Sarcasmus pessimus

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    The dude recognized Cuomo, but doesn't know who he is because he doesn't watch his show, and thought his name was Fredo because that's what Rush Limbaugh calls him. So he visually recognized a person he doesn't know from a radio program. Purposeful provocation, spare me the faux outrage on his reaction.

    Now whatever Cuomo was saying about the n-word, I have no idea. Fredo is like the 36th worst thing to call an Italian. Granted being provoked by douchey trolls while you're spending time with your family is tremendously agitating, but still not the most rational thing to say.
  6. MattyO

    MattyO Well-Known Member Admin

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    Fredo,lol. You don't ever want to be compared to, or thought of as Fredo. Ever......lol

    If you do, rest assured it's because they think you're the dumbest mofo they've ever met. It's not something you ever want to be called.

    Hilarious! lol!

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