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Creating my offline YouTube league, seeking advice

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by Kyle Funderburk, Feb 13, 2019.

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  1. Kyle Funderburk

    Kyle Funderburk Member

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    I plan on starting an offline NR2003 league to run on YouTube starting next year and I'm wanting advice for this league from both people who run (or have run) and watch NR2003 leagues on YouTube. What would you like to see? What of my plans outlined below do you think would be a bad idea? What other ideas could you present?

    Information about my league
    The league is actual multiple leagues with plans on expanding in future seasons. But for 2020, the plan is to run at least one league featuring three series'. The current working title for the league is ASCRA (American Stock Car Racing Association). If anyone is using that name for a YouTube series, or if you know of one, please tell me and I will change the name. I do not want to someone else's name. The top tier series will use Splash N' Go's MENCS19 mod. The second tier uses the NXS17 mod, and the bottom tier will run Bullring's Muscle Body mod. The reason being, I want consistency through all three series since they all use the Camaro, Mustang and Challenger.

    The season formats, teams, cars and other aspects will be based off NASCAR, as well as other forms of auto racing, such as IndyCar, Formula 1 and IMSA. For instance, IMSA has the Endurance Cup within the WeatherTech Sports Car Championship. The three series I'm running will each have smaller championships based on race and track types. One thing I'm taking from F1 is the larger emphasis on manufacturers. The rivalries between Ford, Chevy and Dodge will be more important. Another thing I'll pull from F1 and Indy will be that every team will have the same amount of cars. Or major teams might have more than minor teams.

    I am painting my own cars for each series, mostly using bases to speed up the process. To make the process of painting cars go by even further, I may take another page from those other series' by having teams run with one livery for an entire season. But I don't want too much sameness, so there will be different sponsors with corresponding color pallets. But, if you all do think that's a good idea, I'll drop the one livery per team rule.

    With three series' occupying this one league. Races will tend to be shorter. Top series races will all be no longer than 300 miles. The mid tier will stay under 150 and the bottom tier will race no more than 100 miles.

    If I finish the ASCRA cars and all other preliminary stuff at a fast enough pace. I may try to add other leagues to the channel. I eventually want to see trucks, modifieds, series' from other countries/continents and ultimately a World Championship on the channel.

    To help promote the page, and to give it some life, I'm going to use my experience as a sports journalist to run a website with press releases and other news stories for the series' (ie: silly season, new drivers). I'll also include schedules, standings, bios for the drivers/teams, credit to the creators of the mods and bases, etc. Anything to make the series' and YouTube channel more engaging and entertaining.

    Please feel free to ask any questers and give any advice you may have. Is there anything I should add to make the project more interesting to others?
  2. Thunder98

    Thunder98 Same shit, different day. Admin

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    We do not allow offline league chatter outside of the official SRD leagues.

    Thread closed.
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