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Fixing broken NR2003 Tracks

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by 123456789colton, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. 123456789colton

    123456789colton Well-Known Member

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    Well as I am almost done with the original track update, someone on this forum sent me 2 tracks asking to take a look at them. They are basically broken and useless for now. I got to thinking, maybe just MAYBE I can take my track editing to another level. I want to try and fix the "broken" tracks of NR2003. So i wanted to see if you guys could send me tracks via links on this thread.

    Maybe this can bring some of the other nr2003 players back to this community or even new people to the game.

    I'm not sure, but I would like to try and fix these tracks! Not sure when or even if I can fix them but I am willing to try over time.

    Also, tracks that need graphics updates or mips and such might be last on my list. I've been wanting to learn how to do all of that and I have somewhat of an idea not am not experienced with that yet.

    So with that being said send me any links you have!

    The message I received was for Melbourne. So i am working on that track and it is a pain! Haha.
  2. Mystical

    Mystical Always 110%

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    Have I got the track for you: Montreal_revamped
    Can be found here: https://nr2k3.weebly.com/road-courses.html

    Pretty sure I know what is wrong but never had the time/desire to fix it myself but if you are looking for some practice then this would be a good test. If you want to see what is wrong you can go to 27:15 and 52:30 then compare it to pit stop at 54:50 and see how entry was the same but the crew finally serviced the car correctly that time. Spoilers: It completely ruined my race and I shelved the track indefinitely off the schedules lol.

  3. DaleTona75

    DaleTona75 Unhealthily Obsessed With Backmarkers

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    I know there are AI/pitting issues of some type with Solstice Raceway Stadium, but that may be a "Butters Rule" Issue.

    I know we have TS Superdome for a Dodge Raceway stand-in, but we could always use more inside stadium short tracks. Heck I have always wanted to create Dodge Raceway proper, just never had the motivation to learn(that can always change though. Heck I have just modeled my first generic race car :D )
  4. fortine_oo

    fortine_oo Well-Known Member

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    I did an ai update in 2014 (cup & pta).

    I didn't do any graphical (3do) updates, it was only ai and some track configuration/track surface rebuilding.

    I also made a seperate open wheel version (Melbourne_Albert Park_OWT) for the OW mods that use the pta.exe.
    This is the same track as Melbourne_Albert Park, but with a variety of racing surfaces and grip values to provide more grip than the
    regular version while promoting the aero grip feel of open wheel cars.

    Download for both tracks @ Melbourne_Albert Park @ SRMZ post #3 & #4
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  5. Ichibothers

    Ichibothers New Member

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    So I am trying to run a LMPv2 championship using the 2018 APC United Late Model Series, and am stuck on Round 2 at Flamboro_Night. Everything works well enough until the yellow flies. The AI actually get on and off pit road with very little drama, which is surprising for a short track, but coming to the Green everything goes sideways. As we are "Getting Ready", the AI drop to bottom and start passing before the start/finish line. Needless to say, half the field gets black flagged, and it is just absolute carnage trying to get to pit road to serve the penalties. Tried the Google machine, but if there was a fix to the track.ini, I could not find it. Or, I do not have the .ini editing skills to appreciate what I did find and read. Any help would be appreciated. Here is the link to the track:


    As a follow up: Just tried the day version of Flamboro, and had no problems. Both tracks were created by the same gent, so I figured they would be the same. Guess not.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  6. USSTalladega

    USSTalladega Making a comeback!

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    Do the ini values match on both versions? If yes then try copying the lp files from the day version and see what that does.

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