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graphics questions

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by thunderbolt, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. thunderbolt

    thunderbolt Well-Known Member

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    Hey all. I got a new computer recently and finally got Vista to work with NR2003...whew!
    Anyway, in reconstructing my game, I have forgotten a couple of things:

    - how do I edit to allow for longer replays? oneof the .ini files I think??
    - how do I edit to allow for hi-res cars? Again, I beleive there was a line in an .ini file for this too.

    any help appreciated

  2. RaceLine

    RaceLine Well-Known Member

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    Here is what I remember on a few things:

    NOTE--- Always make a back-up copy of files before changing:

    1st on re-installing all the updates follow this order or you may have issues:

    N2k3 Installation Order & List
    PART 1 – Install in this order

    1) N2k3 Track Pack.exe VERY IMPORTANT TO DO THIS FIRST!!!

    2) N2k3 Patch

    3) PWF N2k3 GNS Hi-Rez Mod.exe

    4) PWF N2k3 CTS Hi-Rez Mod.exe

    5) PWF N2k3 CUP Damage Mod.exe (I choose not to install for league play because it is a disadvantage in league races due to fuel leaks after wrecks)

    6) PWF N2k3 IROC Hi-Rez Mod.exe

    7) PWF N2k3 IROC Mod Model Fix.exe

    8: PWF N2k3 PTA Hi-Rez Mod.exe

    9) PWF N2k3 PTA Higher Cockpit POV.exe

    10) PWF N2k3 PTA Mod Utility Update v1.2.exe

    PART 2 – Mods etc. that can be installed in any order
    TPTCC 2003 N2k3 v2.1.exe, TPTCC 2003 N2k3 v2.2 Patch.exe, TPTCC 2003 N2k3 v2.3 Patch.exe, & TPTCC 2003 N2k3 v2.4 Patch.exe
    TPTCC TC v1.0 NoCD.zip
    AEROWAR 1988 Season v1.0.exe
    ASA N2k3 Mod.exe
    Hooters Pro Cup N2k3 Mod.exe
    Ferrari 330 N2k3 v1.1.exe & Ferrari 330 N2k3 Sound Pack Alternate.zip
    OWR N2k3 Hi-Rez Mod.exe
    Any other created Mods
    Non-Papyrus Add-on Tracks
    PART 3 – Should be installed last
    Add-on Gauges, Dashes, Sounds, Pace Cars, Setups, & Wheels etc.
    2004 Nextel Sunoco Track Textures Season Update Patch.exe & 2004 Nextel Sunoco Track Textures Season Update Patch 1.0.exe

    As for the settings another few good points of interest:

    Open up your C:/papyrus/Nascar4/Nascar2002 or Nascar2003 racing season directory. These ini.file adjustments will work with all three Sims.

    The- core.ini file

    First off I have yet to adjust the [FileLRUCache]
    They say just put a number 1 in front of the existing number, not yet I say.

    Next, look for the…

    I also choose not to change this number as of yet…

    Next, open the rend_ogl or the rend_d3d file, whichever your running the game in, OpenGL or D3D.
    Look for the line that reads.

    Now if you are running a 512 video card reguardless of make change this number to the following…

    TextureSetSize=475430912 (I just doubled their calculation for a 256meg card)

    Next changed the following as stated…

    Then look for the,


    Change the 8 to a 0


    Save these changes and close the file.
    Then, In your players directory. Open the Player file
    Look for the line that reads

    Graphic Opitions]
    texture_quality= -1

    Change this number to 100 Positive 100

    Now after making these changes be sure you have the latest and greatest drivers for your particular video card, now go through and adjust your cards 3D settings as far as Anisotropic Filtering= 16X, Anialiasing Setting 8s or 4x, and crank up the performance on any other options you have control over. Yes you will take a frame rate hit but you can turn some of the in game graphics off to gain back what you need.

    Below are a few settings for the demo and should apply for the full version:


    By default NASCAR® Racing 2003 Season Demo will try to use a much free memory as is available for replays. This should be fine for most users, however if you find that you need to force this to a larger value to save longer replays, or wish to force it to a smaller value if performance is suffering, you may edit the "replayMemoryOverride" value in [Replay] section of CORE.INI. This value is in KB, so for a 64MB replay buffer you would set this value to 65,536 (64MB x 1024KB/MB).


    By default, NASCAR® Racing 2003 Season Demo's Paint Shop will save files using DXTC (DirectX Texture Compression). This reduces the texture memory requirements for the car textures by a nearly 4:1 margin, allowing more high detailed car textures to fit in the same amount of memory. If you would prefer that the Paint Shop not compress the car textures when they are saved, edit the save_textures_with_compression line in your PLAYER.INI, changing the 1 to a 0:

    save_textures_with_compression=1 ; Enable texture compression on saved textures.
  3. thunderbolt

    thunderbolt Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Thanks for the tips...I have tried most with some success.
  4. DE3

    DE3 Well-Known Member

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    Hey thunderbolt,

    How bad was it to get Vista to play nice with NR2003?

    I'm upgrading here in a couple of months, and I'm going with Vista so I'm interested in how they work together.

  5. thunderbolt

    thunderbolt Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    I tried all the suggestions above. I also made sure to update my video drivers. One thing I also found is the NR tweaker caused me grief and I did not use the reccomended settings but went with defaults. Game now seems to run with no issues.
  6. alfiej

    alfiej Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:

    ok i havent messed with those files, but here is my question?? i used to have a 64, then 128, now i use a G-Force 256 video card, each time i used a high res car, with all 3 video cards i could tell the cleaner and better details on cars, and didnt change the ini file like mentioned , so when the game searches for your video does it automatic select that so you don't have to change the ini file yourself???? or if i change it like you said, will the graphics get even better???? so before i even try to this, i already see a huge differance in cleaner and brighter detail without changing it with hi res cars???thanks for any help on this
  7. thunderbolt

    thunderbolt Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    I've tried a couple times to reply to this but I'm doing something wrong and it don;t work...gotta run but I'll get back to you in a day or so with some thoughts for you
  8. epg42

    epg42 Member

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    Anyone know off the top of thier heads if these tweaks change the appearance of the cars on the track? The cars look awesome for me in paintshop and player info, but on track the cars decals look blurry and glazed over. nVidia 8600GT is my new vid card.

    Goin to try these changes when I get home, but think I am still missing something.
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